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General enquiry on direct transfer for helper

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General enquiry on direct transfer for helper

Post by chikki2020 » Sun, 18 Oct 2020 5:44 pm

HI Everyone,

I just managed to confirm a helper today whose current employer is willing to transfer her.

I started working on the process and I wanted to confirm on the following before I work on the online application form.

1. In the online form, it mentions we need i) consent from the current employer fir transfer. I have created a consent to release form using the online available template. Can someone check and let me know if this is okay ?

Date: ____________

Work Pass Division
Ministry of Manpower
18 Havelock Road
Singapore 059764

Dear Sir/Madam

I, (Name): xxx
of *NRIC/Passport Number/FIN: xxx
Mobile number: +65xxx
agree to release my domestic worker named below to the prospective employer.
I, (Name): xx
of FIN: xx
Mobile number: xx
Pending the outcome of the application, I undertake all responsibilities for the employment of the said domestic worker.

Upon approval, the new employer will me send the declaration form provided by the Ministry of Manpower. It must be signed by all parties including myself.

Signature of the employer.

2. The helper had done her medical in March 2020. Now its October and she has been with her current employer for only 2 months. They have not received any notification from the MOM to do the 6month medical check-up. If I need to do the 6month medical check up for her given I want to make sure everything is in order from my end, can someone tell me if I can just book an appointment for her for 6month check up and then she can do the check up in the coming week ? Is there anything else I need to do from my end ?

3. The online form also mentions that you need consent from the "helper". So does that mean I need to have a contract signed from her before I apply for the transfer ? If yes, can someone tell me if there is a contract template for contract directly between the employer and the FDW without any agency involved ?

Really looking forward to some help here.

Thank you

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Re: General enquiry on direct transfer for helper

Post by PNGMK » Mon, 19 Oct 2020 9:03 am

Why don't you go hire a transfer agency. While this is straight forward if you want the i's dotted you're better off paying for professional help rather than asking for free help. Esp considering how easily maid transfers derail these days.
I not lawyer/teacher/CPA.
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