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Pet Relocation Information

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Pet Relocation Information

Post by dfrankl8 » Wed, 07 Oct 2020 8:11 am

My wife and I are moving to Singapore in January of 2021. We have two dogs, one we don't think we will be able to bring (American Terrier Mix) and the other a Lab will be coming with us. I have tried some of the links that were provided but a few didn't work.

Can anyone recommend a moving company from the States to help us get our girl to Singapore and tell me any tips or suggestions to make the experience as stressless as possible?

Thank you!

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Re: Pet Relocation Information

Post by BBCDoc » Wed, 07 Oct 2020 2:12 pm

Not sure any moving company is qualified for pet relocation.

We brought our cat over from Japan years ago, all the instructions were in the AVA website. Main focus is rabies vaccination and chipping for identification. This is now NParks website: ... -singapore

The animal quarantine facility was next to the airport but was arduous to get around. We managed to get our cat out within 2 hours of landing by ticking all the boxes, otherwise you need to book the requisite length of quarantine time.

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Re: Pet Relocation Information

Post by shunkwugga » Tue, 20 Oct 2020 5:42 am

Were doing a similar move soon with our 3 cats and 1 dog. It's a fair amount of leg work and paperwork , but its absolutely something that can be done by you without hiring help. We found a few companies that will handle it for us, but the quotes were all around $3k a pet. Shop around but I think that is about what you should expect. If you choose to do it yourself let me know here and I can walk you through what we had to do. Important note, the relocation companies don't do anything other than follow the process. They put your animals in cargo on a normal flight, just like you would. It's not like someone flies with them or they have a dedicated flight or some special path to get things done. You are just paying someone to do the work for you, that's all. Something to keep in mind and decide if its worth the money. In our case not but it was a close decision. On average they offer services like this (taken from one of our emails with them):

'Document verification and formatting
Reserve air conditioned quarantine space
Import permit
Dog license
“Vet pack” with health certificates and example documents
Veterinarian consultation and paperwork review
USDA endorsement
Agent on standby for your pets’ arrival
Receive upon arrival
Expedited customs clearance
Delivery to quarantine
10 days quarantine
Home delivery upon release from quarantine'

I don't think you can get out of the pet QT period either, not coming from the US anyway. You can get an expedited period (10 days vs 30) if you take some extra steps early on, if that's important to you. Our animals are senior and need meds so were keeping their stay as short as we can.

Just let me know, I've been meaning to consolidate our notes and post them somewhere, this might be the impetus I need. :)
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