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Tanglin Trust School

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Tanglin Trust School

Post by JJ » Sat, 19 Mar 2005 2:23 am

Why is someone protecting this den of iniquity


Post by Guest » Sat, 19 Mar 2005 3:08 am

do you really think qn organasion who employs primarily atttrative young and potentially gay young men can be credible


Post by Guest » Sat, 16 Apr 2005 7:33 pm

Am confused..... what do you mean?


Post by Tanglin » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 7:17 pm

Anonymous wrote:do you really think qn organasion who employs primarily atttrative young and potentially gay young men can be credible
What are you trying to say :?: I have a friend who is working there and enjoys it very much. They are nice bunch of peopl, mind you, not every single one of them but still they are not so bad to work with I have herard.

So why are you so against the Tanglin so much :?:


Post by dignity » Mon, 02 May 2005 4:12 pm

They are all racists over there so I can't see how anyone can enjoy working there :x


Post by Guest » Mon, 09 May 2005 12:39 am

What's your problem with the Tanglin Trust School :?: So far it has proved to be a good education venue for ppls from the UK, hasn't it :?:


Post by Headmistress » Mon, 09 May 2005 12:41 am

Anonymous wrote:What's your problem with the Tanglin Trust School :?: So far it has proved to be a good education venue for ppls from the UK, hasn't it :?:
I agree. The school has provided an excellent opportunity for our children to study in a nice, relaxed and friendly environment.


Post by sujh » Thu, 26 May 2005 2:44 pm

Headmistress wrote:
Anonymous wrote:What's your problem with the Tanglin Trust School :?: So far it has proved to be a good education venue for ppls from the UK, hasn't it :?:
I agree. The school has provided an excellent opportunity for our children to study in a nice, relaxed and friendly environment.
And most expensive in the town. And it also provides your kid with a soldier and a machine gun near the school entrance. I love barb wire around the schools in Singapore also.


A teacher formerly teaching at a French International School

Post by Guest2 » Fri, 27 May 2005 6:15 pm

I know that a certain teacher at the Tanglin Trust School is a complete and utter fraud. I have met this person and personally, as well as not letting him near other humans (I am limited in what I can write) he is the last person on the earth who should be near practical, and other, professionals in the subject he professes to teach, and any learners. It isn't sports and it isn't any of the sciences. There isn't a possibility that I could conceive of this person being allowed genuinely have discourse ina position of responsibilty with professional teachers in the field where he is currently a teacher, especially practical teachers. So considering he is having discourse, and that as I know it isn't genuine, I don't know what could be going on. What is much worse is that I can't imagine any earthly relationship that could exist that would be close in huge, huge leaway even to what would be anyway healthy, between this man and any genuine young person or child who privately involves themselves or finds themselves involved in this natural area of human life and interaction which involves communicative, discursive and performative contexts.

Not only did this person begin and leave his reputed place of adult education without knowing a single entity of the subject he reputedly studied, or perhaps one or two short and easy pages worth of what fundamentally forms this subject (and I really mean one or two pages), he professed continually, meanly, threateningly his eternal revulsion for people involved in this area of life and for what exists already in this area of life. A complete revulsion not only to a normal western originating human social and institutional category, or every kind of human institutional thing in this category excepting one which happens in smokey bars. And even the latter he had little experience of. What I have just described was expressed genuinely and truly by theis person to me repeatedly. It's not that I or others first sought to read this. It was made clear, obvious and threatening. Coming from one of the worst and renowned British inner city high-rise council estates as he claims he does (and this author would usually never in communicating associate something like this when describing a person), his "mission" and constant preoccupation I experienced, as he talked of these and never ceased in this in acting and in talking, was to "cut up" and ridicule all of those whom he laughed at and those whom he feared greatly, those involved in the area of life which he was studying and now is teching in. It was something much more deep than I had prevously ever experienced but ever considered or could have considered as part of my existence. I watched him do this and experienced it myself and this is all of those who took his discipline of professed study and apparent teaching seriously, and worse, especially those who tried to take themselves and their own study seriously. (Study was for starters with this man, an I suppose a way in to what he may destroy, but it is a class thing with this person, then an anti-human thing if this is different as he is typical of the very lowest class thug though spends mcuh of his time pretending to be otherwise.

As far as I have worked out, his attitude falls into that which a group of disparate nihilists I have encountered have which allow them to keep proceeding and even fool people. This is not only a technique but a kind of feigned personal anti-society moral purpose which is the height of what is anti-traditionally moral: that is that if it is possible to get away with what no-one should ever be able to get away with, where in fact few or none would be able to believe this, then these persons will seek, after, it seems fooling groups of persons, indviduals and especially establishment, to destroy them and then after, those who come into contact with them, and those whom they were, in their removed sickness, jealous of before this. The determination is existential and beyond existence in the sense I knew it, always, always, always. And however it may seem for those who can see it and it is not of a conditioned or normall aware world, ocassionally for example, of great mass and beyond reason, and more than just a social class thing of course, this ending in the unbelievably all consuimng desire to end this category and categorisation. This last part sound ridiculous but at all times I experienced that this constant impetus was apparent, very often at extremes beyond belief, as much or more than I describe the constant and superhuman "local" drive in all that he does against those in the field he teaches. It sounds like a James Bond story and though in real life this is exactly how it is and was - the man who attempts to destroy the world, though this is not fiction. This is no joke and indeed things are worse than the man who attempts to destroy the world in James Bond fiction. I am not even slightly lightly describing this situation, and it is not funny or trivial. I am not joking and this man was never, ever joking in respect to what I am saying, and also never ever anything other than seriously mean and threatening and purposive to a teriibly frightening degree in respect of his mission described here.

I watched, in part, this young man, as I saw it, threaten his way to finishing a certificate, which was so remedial it was not a degree anyway. He never had at any time practical qualifications in the basic and necessary areas of his work which everyone teaching, and indeed everyone studying as an adult, should have necessarily. He had none at all in the practical area which is absolutely standard. He had NO training and teaching of any sort in the practical area except which he spoke out loudly against for not "putting him up higher" at once without any previous experience. He was extremely, angry such that I could only conclude personally that he was psychopathic who was living all of the time in complete Munchausenan delusions, of a whole-encompassing and extraordinarily thick nature. Not only this, he did not receive any tuition at university (or before I assume) in the same necessary, basic, some might say nearly complete, practical area, as I watched and as he told me further during four years of "study". When I saw him, of course he could not AT ALL perform the basic practical functions which even, though never needed, formed the some of some reputed entry requirements for where he apprently went to study. These are more than standard anyway. I spent four years, very often at every instant, not seeing this person, and not even existing as a result of being often physically proximate to this person, who always, always, every instant, was hugely and effectively concerned with his purpose, against the area of his study discipline, and human life which this pertains to, especially in the involvement in creating this area practically (and the reception).

I cannot even begin properly to describe how serious this is.

Separately, to give an impression, although I say it is unrelated, ocassionally this person "improvised" in a separate kind of related practical area, though he has had no academic study of this at university, even of the remedial and sham kind which indeed constituted completely his "degree", The descriptive terms are valid here to a level I cannot describe. I imagine that he is reading out or, as new memorising as this did not happen before, exceprts from a "New" book or dictionary in this subject by the most famous American university.

This man with no experience of and a revulsion to his professed teaching subject only has experience in anyway of the practical side of this area in public involvements once or twice a year for a couple of hours in an area which someone could do after a half year's tuition. This person received no tuition for this. I suppose this, his only ocassional practical experience, in a student university hobby society, was akin in skill in visual arts to drawing straight lines, maybe a couple of frames with instructions written for real, studying artists.

Somehow this deviant man, or little child (think of Harry Enfield characers and refrain from laughing as they are the truth and do not even go nearly far enough to expressing this persons sickness and anti-society attitude) managed to foool his way into a French International School, as head of music, and then I believe, proceeded to this school.

I cannot now even write here that this is beyond belief or beyond description. It is something from the underworld only. I might say, emulating the character playedby u=in .Bleieve me.

This man is a cross between the antagonist played in the film The Talented Mr Ripley and the antagonist in Catch Me if you Can. These allusions are meant to be funny, and only very lightly portray the actual situation and character. I find it perfectly in keeping with who he is that he teaches at British International Schools, what he is doing and his preoccupations and drives, as a numebr of times this person, one of the most devoted regionalists and anti-nationalist and nihilistic persons I have come across or could imagine, made it plain that he adamantly did not and could not consider himself to be British. It is a hate thing I experienced, and I did not before this have any terms or awareness to express the depth of this. I did not know of it. In such a developed country with such freedoms. And also he has expressed very seriously that he hates whom he calls "the British". This was always made greatly in evidence, and at the same time linked to defiantly hateful and anti-universal attitude.

At least as bad as this was his racism which was a non-stop thing with this man, against Asians and Black persons, and was expressed continuously by him with jokes nad derisive threatening laughter always and and then also often as if persons of foreign races were the same as "relative liberals" such as I (there were not his words, not once did he speak as if he had ever read a book in his life, even a children's book, and not once during four years did he even read a book in his own time).


Post by starfish » Fri, 27 May 2005 7:30 pm

Who the hell is he and why don't you report him or expose his real identity to everyone so that everyone can be alerted :?: :lol:


Post by Guest2 » Sat, 28 May 2005 9:59 am

I don't know what to say.

This man has obviously been pretending for some years that he has expertise or at least basic familiarity and identification (he has not one of these to any degree) with his professed area of teaching.

He would also have to have been pretending that he loves a type of culture, which is this area in which he has been teaching. I am not talking about the very different Eastern type of such culture of which he had the demonstrative experience of around two hours in his alleged study of four years, where again there was next to none of anything anyway.

I believe he must have been of the belief that everything he needs to know is on the a certain one volume dictionary of the subject. This would be surely enough in itself. But I have no idea how he would answer any questions by students who are advanced personally or even acquainted with the area and who have learned elsewhere in this area of culture. Perhaps he fobs them off. I imagine he must have spent a lot of time in his first position before each lesson preparing from the dictionary.

But I see it is an occurence of what is termed beelzebub or satan that such a serious and purposive rascist, declared and demonstrated anti-Asian racist of the lower working class type, would go to the East, someone who has severe loathing of those involved in western culture generally and ths field he has been teaching in. He is someone who has professed all of this, without any qualification, he has said, and has also described that the depth of this is beyond what most people, and I, especially, could imagine. He used to say that he was satan, and predicted he would do this. About the east he said, "Where else can I go?". I didn't know what he was talking about. And then he said teaching. And remotely, distantly, as if seeing a dream briefly, I thought that he, appearing, a sick body I could never know and I thought no-one I could ever talk to could ever know, was going to take a diploma and teach sales at a terrible inner city night school and holiday once in Thailand.

I don't believe anyone was ever listening to him, I certainly wasn't, and to stop and take in his words ever as serious would probably mean to die laughing at the same time, in comtemplation of the ridiculousness of this at many levels, not least that of talking with a baby, who is lost ridiculously in its imagination, and where this would be, it is beyond a joke, very harmful if the baby is not stopped outright. This description is the situation. Believe it or not. And this written is not to be qualified at all.

So, to answer the question, I suppose that anyone at all could do this. You could pay someone who can read books to read a book excerpt, make notes, and then read these aloud, becoming normally familiar with the whole content for questions that are asked and which can be answered. There are no previous qualifications at all needed to do what I am describing in the area concerned. Anyone could do it.

Perhaps this is fine with the Tanglin Trust School.


Post by Guest » Sat, 28 May 2005 10:07 am

He studied at what has been referred to as a university which is in Scotland, and which is the subject of huge, huge British jokes, for example that of a British newspaper including it last year in the top 50 best universities of the world.

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Post by k1w1 » Wed, 01 Jun 2005 2:18 pm

Wow, spare a thought for people who have English as a non-native language.

OK, so you are saying there is a teacher at TTS that says he is satan, hates Asians and wishes he wasn't a teacher and even worse, has no teaching qualifications?

The teaching qualifications would have been checked before he stated employment, so this part I am struggling to believe. As for the rest of it, fo you to know this kind of detail, you must be either a student or a parent of a student in his class. If what you are saying is true, then DO something as these are serious accusations you are making - very damaging to the school and the staff who are very competent.

Could you please be more clear about what you are saying? :?:


Post by Guest » Sun, 05 Jun 2005 4:11 am

So, have you managed to resolve this problem or not? It is quite annoying to know what you claim to know about this guy and not be able to do anything about it :!:


Post by Guest » Tue, 07 Jun 2005 11:32 pm

WOW this is mind boggling stuff. You must be very angry to take the time to have written so much in such depth.

You don't sound like an ex student to first thoughts were lover scorned.

It all sounds very intriguing...

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