Dependant pass processing timeline - coming up to nearly 2 months

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Dependant pass processing timeline - coming up to nearly 2 months

Post by baytobeach » Fri, 04 Sep 2020 10:34 pm

Hi all,

I was hoping to get some insight from this forum on my spouse's DP application :)

We're currently in the US, and I have an offer to join an MNC in their regional APAC office out of Singapore.

I got my EP approval ~ 3 weeks after application, however my spouse's DP is still under review (coming up on 7 weeks now). Here's what we see when on the Status Check page online
We need inputs from other agencies to process this application. In most instances, the outcome will be available in 4 weeks' time. Some cases may take longer.

The offered salary is well above the EP qualification threshold, so I do not think that's the reason for delay.

Given what a s&*^s@#$ 2020 has been, my mind is wandering to the worst case scenarios - have there been cases of EP being approved but DP being denied? Surely MOM would not expect people to move here leaving their families behind, so this is in effect a work pass denial, I'd think :)
I couldn't find any when I searched this forum (except the case of a new born!)

Is there anything my or my prospective employer can do, follow up etc. to move this ahead and get a response (approval / denial) either way?

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Re: Dependant pass processing timeline - coming up to nearly 2 months

Post by sundaymorningstaple » Sat, 05 Sep 2020 3:24 am

Is there anything untoward in your spouse's past? Criminal charges? Old drug misdemeanor? Divorces? Anything that could be construed negatively by immigration? Where are you from originally? Is she from an area that is relatively new to internet connectivity? e.g., the need to get hardcopy documents due records not yet having been digitized? There could be any number of reasons. The first thing I would think is where is she from. Your post only says you are "currently in the US" which could easily mean you are from some other country where connectivity isn't all that great. This used to happen in Myanmar and parts of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh as well lots of S. American countries, although the internet is well and good for the last three I mentioned if my spam traffic on this forum is any indication. There has to be something that's raised a flag and warranted further investigation. You aren't going to get here very soon, in any case, due to flight restrictions from the US.
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