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PR Application - Basic Salary and Gross Salary

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PR Application - Basic Salary and Gross Salary

Post by damagpie » Tue, 25 Aug 2020 10:03 pm

Hi All,

Can someone advise on the difference between Basic Salary and Gross Salary? I am in the midst of filling in the PR Application Form and I have some discussion with my HR on the meaning of Basic Salary and Gross Salary.

For Basic Monthly Salary we are in agreement with the sum to be filled as per defined in the explanatory notes i.e. salary stated in my employment contract without any allowance, bonus etc. However, for the Gross Monthly Salary, my HR informed me that she will only input the Basic Monthly Salary sum + Mobile Monthly Allowance (SGD60).

I am paid pension allowance (SGD1020 per month), BenFlex allowance (SGD1200 per year) and yearly bonus (non-fixed). Should all these be computed in the Gross Monthly Salary?

My layman understanding of Gross Monthly Salary is that it should include all the items excluded from the Basic Monthly Salary Definition in the Explanatory Notes (see attached picture which also includes MOM Gross Monthly Income Definition).

Appreciate your help and advice!

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Re: PR Application - Basic Salary and Gross Salary

Post by BananZ » Wed, 26 Aug 2020 10:38 pm

This is for Annex A right?

Very simple.
Basic = Basic
Gross = Basic + Fixed monthly allowances

No need to mention bonus / any variable allowances (meal / taxi).

Do you still have your EP's IPA with you? You can check how you / your HR filled the basic / fixed monthly allowance part, then you can see if it has included your yearly allowance in it.

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