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LTVP or DP for same-sex unmarried couples?

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LTVP or DP for same-sex unmarried couples?

Post by hongkid » Sun, 02 Aug 2020 3:08 pm

My application for an EP has recently been approved. I have an unmarried, same-sex partner who doesn't have a job in Singapore, but is hoping to be able to stay with me short-term when I relocate there. Given the COVID situation, it seems unlikely that Singapore will open the borders anytime soon to visitors. I also understand that same-sex partnerships aren't recognized by the Singaporean government, and that the chances of my partner visiting are probably slim. But I'm curious whether it'd be advisable to broach the topic of a Dependent Pass or Long Term Visit Pass with the HR of my school--I hadn't brought this up before, as I'd assumed that it's impossible to get one for LGBT couples. Any suggestion is appreciated.

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Re: LTVP or DP for same-sex unmarried couples?

Post by PNGMK » Sun, 02 Aug 2020 9:00 pm

You can do a DP for a ghey partner. You really need to come from a country though that recognizes ghey partners (it's sort of a reciprocal thing I believe). I don't think LTVP will work.

Note - it's not just a ghey thing - same issue applies to defacto normie relationships - those from Asia don't get it generally as those relationships are not recognised as legal in their home countries.
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