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Possible to learn a language through apps

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Possible to learn a language through apps

Post by abbby » Tue, 14 Jul 2020 10:52 am

Would it be possible to learn a new language through an app? Without going for classes? ie: Korean, Japanese, Spanish.. Has anyone done and succeeded before?
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Re: Possible to learn a language through apps

Post by Lisafuller » Fri, 08 Jan 2021 1:35 am

There is actually an app specifically for this. It is free and it’s called Duolingo. There are many different languages you can learn on it, I am currently learning Spanish. I like the app because of its easy to navigate interface and fun graphics. My Spanish is nowhere close to the standard of native speakers, however I dare say I am at a conversational level, a stark improvement from before I started using Duolingo.

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Re: Possible to learn a language through apps

Post by Narcisse » Wed, 17 Feb 2021 8:35 pm

Depends what you mean by "learn a language". Speak a few words and order food, yeah sure. Get truly conversational and be able to one day work in that language no (my opinion only).

As someone who finished Rosetta Stone Spanish and French (at great expense) and Duolingo Spanish and French (free) and was still terrible at both languages, I would say that the Apps can only take you so far. I would actually have the same opinion about classes too.

The people I have seen really get good at a language in a short period of time, all had a genuine reason to learn it or a love of the language. They had to get good quick to work in that language, they had a partner who only spoke that language, they love that country and that culture. I took Chinese classes for 6 years, French for 2 and Japanese for 2 and 5 years later I couldn't remember any of it. I lived in France, immersed myself in the local culture and it just started clicking, better than any App or classes I had ever done.

My personal opinion is get on something like italki (a website), find yourself a language exchange partner you find interesting, and just start trying to converse with each other in that language (using sign language at the start of you have to).

Again, it's just my personal opinion, but as someone has tried everything (in many languages) and paid a fortune for Apps, and for classes, nothing works as well as just finding someone you find interesting and start talking. And it's free.

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