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New EP application during card registration stage

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New EP application during card registration stage

Post by expat_nando » Fri, 10 Jul 2020 12:41 pm

Heyy guys!

I am in bit of a situation related to employment pass and changing companies, hoping I will get some answers and suggestions on how to proceed after the below sequence of events:

1) Interviewing with company A and Company B
2) Company B is bigger(around 3500employees) and stable than company A(start-up, around 100employees)
3) Company A offered a role(~5.5k) and provided me with tight deadlines to accept.
4) Company B had a long process pending still and i was not sure if company B is actually going to offer me one in the coming days.
5) Accepted company A's offer and EP application got approved in few weeks.
6) Joined company A and they provided me with an "issuance of EP card"/notification letter from MoM which says i have to make an appointment for card registration by this date and also states that i can stay and work from this date to +1 month.
7) company B comes with an offer now :???: which is far better (8k + bonus)

Note: eponline status shows the status as "issued" even though I don't have a card!

1) Can company B apply for EP application in this state? Or wait for EP card to arrive?
2) Can company B apply for EP application before I resign from company A and cancel existing EP.
3) Will MoM reject the new EP as I have spent like a week in the current company? Will salary bump help in approval rate?
4) In the worst-case i.e. new EP rejected and existing EP is canceled by company A, will I be given some time to stay back and apply for other passes like LTVP etc, what's the process here?

Hoping to get some amazing responses and help! O:)

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