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Forest fires in Indonesia

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Forest fires in Indonesia

Post by abbby » Wed, 08 Jul 2020 9:40 am

Were the trees burnt on purpose this time again? We know the fact over the years they had been burning them and the smells travelled all the way to Singapore for months.. ... d-12908666
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Re: Forest fires in Indonesia

Post by Extedir » Tue, 14 Jul 2020 11:11 pm

there are just way too many cases of forest fires world wide in the last year. and after all those fires - covid. i am quite sure this is a well made plan, maybe for a new world order....
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Re: Forest fires in Indonesia

Post by bgd » Tue, 14 Jul 2020 11:38 pm

The fires come from two sources, local farmers burning stubble which is a an age old practice and companies (some from Sg) which are burning rain forest to plant palm trees. It's the later which is the problem because of the scale of the burn off.

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