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ROM while on pending Pre Marital Assessment for LTVP

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ROM while on pending Pre Marital Assessment for LTVP

Post by chickennoodle » Mon, 06 Jul 2020 11:40 pm

Hi all,

It's my first time posting here.. Please be kind :)


I am a female Singapore Citizen (Chinese by race) and my spouse is working in Singapore under Employment Pass (Chinese by race, from Southeast Asian country not Malaysia). We didn't plan to apply for LTVP as he already has EP.

Recently, his boss mentioned that the company is not doing so well so there might be lay offs soon. We were afraid that my husband might be affected, so we submitted Pre Martial Assessment for Long Term Visit Pass so in case he got laid off, he can still apply for LTVP. However, it was 3 weeks before our planned ROM. Eventually, we did the ROM last week with Pre Marital Assessment status still pending.

1. Will there be any issue with Pre Marital Assessment or LTVP because we got ROMed before Pre Marital got approved? We applied 3 weeks before ROM though
2. ROM website only mentioned that if there is no Pre Assessment, LTVP will take up to 6 months, but if Pre Assessment got approved first, LTVP will only take up to 6 weeks. Has anybody been in my situation (ROM while pre-marital assessment is pending) before? If yes, how long did it take?
3. I have not receive notice to do Marital Preparation Program yet, but I heard that some couple might need to do it before ROM in order to get LTVP. In my case, if I need to do it, I have already got married, so can still do MPP?
4. Should I contact ICA to ask to speed up the processing of Pre Marital Assessment because we are already married, or will it be detrimental (eg. ICA cancelled our Pre Marital Assessment coz we are already married, so need longer time for LTVP)

Any sharing or advice of similar situations are welcome. Thanks :)

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Re: ROM while on pending Pre Marital Assessment for LTVP

Post by Sbk » Sun, 12 Jul 2020 4:48 pm

If i were you, i will just apply for the LTVP straight away since you are already married without waiting for the Pre-LTVP. It has been done before and LTVP was approved while Pre-LTVP was rejected lol
Here is why i would do the above.
Assuming the Pre-LTVP gets approved and you proceed to apply LTVP with the approval.
You might get away with it or you might be in trouble.
ICA might think you try to game the system by applying for Pre-LTVP and then straight away got married before the results are out, which makes it look like u want to get LTVP approval faster without having to wait 6 weeks for the Pre-LTVP.
And we all know ICA will surely penalise those that try to game the system one way or another.
Good luck.

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