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Baldies are hornier

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Baldies are hornier

Post by mystic law » Wed, 16 Mar 2005 10:17 pm

Hair loss adds growth to sex drive

By Ryann Connell
Staff Writer
March 15, 2005

Barcode haircuts may not necessarily make a man more attractive, but it seems it's more than likely his lack of hair is going to make him more interested in raising the bar, according to Aera (3/21).

Though joking that a lack of hair may make a guy horny is a typical icebreaker, some scholars are suggesting there's more than a thread of truth that being follicly challenged makes the libido livelier.

"It's true to a certain point," Kanehiro Fukuta, a specialist in baldness and head of the Aichi Prefecture-based Fukuta Hifuka dermatology clinic, tells Aera.

Generally, people believe that the greater the amount of male hormones active in the body, the more likely a guy is to have a decent head of hair.

Actually, though, baldness occurs when the top part of the head prevents male hormones from being accepted and hair growth stops.

"People with little hair on the head have parts that are blocking off male hormones," Fukuta tells Aera.

"Testosterone creates the energy that gives men their macho, vigor and virility. If this energy is blocked off, there are times when it could move into the sex drive.

Perhaps that's what it means when people say the bald are more likely to be horny."

Sleep also plays a vital role in determining the link between baldness and horniness. Nutrients the hair needs to grow are carried through the body through the bloodstream and work most effectively during sleep.

Insomnia brings with it a reduced amount of nutrients being carried to the hair and can result in baldness, apparently.

If somebody is gagging for it, there's a chance this yearning will affect their sleep patterns, the career woman-oriented weekly says.

Other links apparently exist between hyperactive libido and lack of hair. Bald men are supposed to have greater levels of testosterone than the hirsute.

This is because they are affected by stresses on their bodies of which they are not conscious. The excess of male hormones tenses them up like a soldier preparing for battle.

"Baldness numbers are skyrocketing among young members of the elite who've fought their way to the top through the university entrance exam process," Fukuta tells Aera.

"And it's not just guys, either. More women are taking part in society now and a growing number of them are complaining of hair loss."

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