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Beware fake surgical masks for your children!

Posted: Thu, 18 Jun 2020 3:22 pm
by sandychan0226
Hello all,

As our children return to schools, the protecting our children and families from COVID is dependent on students, teachers, and staff wearing the right type of masks, medical grade surgical masks that offer people protection when physical distancing is not possible.

However, at present, mask suppliers and opportunistic traders are supplying large quantities of masks of household-use grade to Singapore and passing them off as surgical masks of medical grade, causing less discerning consumers to purchase masks with false certifications, misleading them to believe that they are buying medical-grade surgical masks that offer them adequate protection against COVID-19.

See these videos for a quick overview:

1) 5 Tips to Test Real vs Fake Surgical Masks
2) Channel News Asia's video, 'How Do You Spot A Fake Surgical Mask'

I have also attached a short write up on checking quality certificates of masks.

Re: Beware fake surgical masks for your children!

Posted: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 9:47 am
by abbby
Yes...I've seen them having certification papers in the boxes...sometimes not even sure if they are legit papers...