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Where to get children vaccinated in Singapore?

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Where to get children vaccinated in Singapore?

Post by SoniaSiddhu » Thu, 21 May 2020 10:24 am

Hi all,

I'm new to Singapore and I have been informed that my young son and daughter (twins) are missing a few vaccinations although they already got a few in India. I have been researching vaccines here in Singapore and like in India, they do not seem to be a very big specialisation. I am planning to bring my children to get their Pneumococcal and Chickenpox vaccines, also heir Tdap vaccines and flu vaccines once this Coronavirus wave passes.

So far these are the few clinics I have researched: SGH Travel Clinic, Clari Health CBD Travel Clinic, and Raffles Medical Clinic.

I have ruled out polyclinics since a friend has had bad experience waiting for 2 hours and then being given 5 minutes for her children. But I am also not looking for anything very expensive. I do not want to go TTSH now because of the Coronavirus situation and Infectious Diseases Centre being there (don't want to expose my children unnecesarily). I do not want to go paedatrician because my children already have their check-ups and I do not want to pay $600 or more to just get 2 or 3 vaccines for 2 children.

SGH, Raffles and Clari Health seem to be Ok - Raffles' prices a bit too high for my liking since i have 2 children and i don't want package, Clari Health ones cheaper. Clari is also central and my home. SGH is a public hospital so more affiliated to government and more credible tp give vaccine.

What do you think? I am posting on some forums because it is urgent and I do not have many people to ask in person now. Thank you all for your help and God bless. :)

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Re: Where to get children vaccinated in Singapore?

Post by abbby » Thu, 21 May 2020 1:04 pm

You can get it at any GP- private clinics. Just visit any you see around HDB blocks or malls. You can call and check if they have stock before making a trip to ensure you do not make a wasted trip. GPs are generally cheaper than paediatricians, they cost an arm and a leg.
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