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Ecommerce- 3PL

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Ecommerce- 3PL

Post by jono.chung » Sun, 10 May 2020 8:53 pm

Hi all,

Finally registered as an user after all these years... Would like to get some feedback on 3PL here in Singapore.

Basically, I have been thinking of starting up an ecommerce business, selling fairly low value products here in Singapore. The products will come in boxes and within each box, there will be about say 10 packs of products inside. My plan is to sell individual packs to the end customers, as I don't think they need more than one or two packs at a time. I am thinking of pricing each pack around 10 dollars. My plan is to bring in one 20 feet container of goods to start off with and see how it goes. One container should be able to bring about 600 boxes and therefore 6000 packs I believe (i.e. 6000 units of products)

My first question is this- if I am to outsource things to a 3PL company (i.e. getting them to pick up the goods from the port, store in warehouse, packing and ship the products), is it worthwhile considering the relatively low value of these products? Based on what I have seen on the internet, Amazon Singapore seems to offer the cheapest 3PL under "Fullfilment by Amazon". However, I believe this is restricted to sales on the Amazon platform. Does anyone know of any good and affordable 3PL company?

My second question- when the boxes arrive at the 3PL warehouse, will they open them up and register every single pack? The last thing I want is I price each pack 10 dollars and they ship the entire box to the customer.

Would like to keep this thread going as I see there are not many threads about this topic? (I did a word search and nothing came up)


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