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Videoconference Solution

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Re: Videoconference Solution

Post by Myasis Dragon » Sun, 05 Apr 2020 10:31 pm

Yeung wrote:
Sun, 05 Apr 2020 1:14 pm
We are developing online video conference app using react native.
There are many online video conference software like Dingtalk, Zoom, Lark now, so we are not sure if we could get customers. Any ideas on how could we get customers?
I'm afraid that you are about two years too late. The biggest players already have their market share... Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Webex, while other struggling hangers on are either going to merge or go out of business... or maybe identify a market niche in which to survive... or folks like Microsoft, struggling to make Teams the defacto standard. You are way behind the curve if you're just now developing.

Here's the thing. Not only the caller (the person who buys your software) but the recipient (the person who takes the call) must also have your software. Most of the bigger players have created browser apps to avoid software downloads.

Now, it sounds to me that when you say "customers", you're talking about end users who will actually use your product. In that case, you need reliable network service everywhere people will dial. Have you got that figured out yet? All the big players have MPLS cloud networks in place. Your "customer" for your software would really have to be some sort of system integrator, looking for a video conferencing component.

From here on out it's consolidation and integration. You're going to see more integration of video calls into your standard cloud PBX offerings. Webinars, for credit training courses, and other live broadcasts are going to be integrated into one standard offering that does everything. You'll see increasingly sophisticated conference and training room support as well as increased equipment support and video conference production facilities.

On the back end, you're probably going to see efforts to move video conferencing options from the public cloud into MNC's MPLS clouds that are already in place for VOIP phone services. I predict that we'll see some shift back from cloud PBX to onsite PBX hosting using a standard suite that runs on Windows servers.

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