Dispute with other tenant.

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Dispute with other tenant.

Post by singapore_username » Sun, 15 Mar 2020 12:11 am


I came to Singapore one year back and rented a room with another guy for a year. The tenancy agreement for 2019 has my sign on the contract. This year, we decided to renew the contract and the guy renewed the contract.

I was too dumb and didn't asked him for the contract and continued paying him rent. He was planning to get married this year and getting me out of the house this year. He didn't told me about that. As per the last agreement, if owner wants the tenant to move out they should give two months notice.

He came back from his arrangement and told about everything to me and gave me one month notice on whatsapp. I corrected him that it was two months notice. He didn't replied back on the whatsapp. He confronted me after that and told me that this year I didn't signed the contract and one month is enough and I should leave the house. He said that he can ideally throw me out of the house as the contract was of the last year and I am staying illegally. I feel very humiliated and cheated. This was the first time I was renting a house in my life and moved away from parents.

I am planning to move out to some hotel immediately and leave the house as I can't do much about this legally. He has my one month rent and one month security. I don't have owner's contact number as well only a contract with owner's NRIC mentioned.

Is there anything I can do about it?
Can he legally take all my rent and security deposit or can partially take a cut from it?

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Re: Dispute with other tenant.

Post by abbby » Mon, 16 Mar 2020 10:37 am

I am no expert in this area but looks like your friend has signed the contract and seems there's not much you can do. The agreement would be between the Landlord and himself.
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Re: Dispute with other tenant.

Post by PNGMK » Tue, 17 Mar 2020 1:19 pm

You could go to the SCT on this. You need to prepare print outs of messages etc.
I not lawyer/teacher/CPA.
You've been arrested? Law Society of Singapore can provide referrals.
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