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To all East Coast experts - best condos?

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To all East Coast experts - best condos?

Post by nasenbaer1221 » Wed, 11 Mar 2020 5:45 am

Hi from Germany :D

this is probably post #923899 about tips for condos, however I could not find anything up to date regarding my needs. I looked at many condos on . and was hoping some of you might have some insider information about nice condos at the east coast, which are in my price range.

I have looked at many condos (online) and it seems hard to tell, which ones are recommendable and which ones I should rather avoid (everything looks amazing online).

Here the basics:

- your budget (approx range) - Preferably cheap $1800-$2200
- your workplace/s (don't name names, just approx neighbourhood) - City Centre (I will take the MRT, cycle
- the size and/or type of property that you are seeking (#bedrooms, on-site facilities etc) -one-bedroom condo; gym and pool; preferably fully furnished
- will you have a car here? No
- will you have any accompanying children needing to attend school? If so, age/s? No

Nice to have:
- will you need to be able to say walk to the local shops, a library, your doctor, a market, and so on? Within walking distance to public transport, preferably MRT, is crucial as I don't have a car; also within walking distance to shops and restaurants would be nice but not absolutely necessary.
- access to any specific sport, social, and recreation facilities? I'm doing triathlon, running track / cycling route nearby would be nice
- are you considering bringing any pets. If so what kind, and will they require outdoor access and/or exercise? No
- are you considering bringing any parents/in-laws etc? Do they have specific needs (for example difficulty climbing stairs?) No

Your current home and commute:
- are you already a city dweller? i.e. Are you used to city-centre hustle and bustle, or would you hope for a bit more peace and quiet? -No preference
- what is the size and type (apartment, house+garden etc) of your current home? - Atm 3 room apartment near city centre (Frankfurt, Germany) however, I'm happy to downsize to 1-bedder
- what are any current commute times like? - Since I mostly fly, the commute does not really matter, close to MRT would be nice anyways

Thanks for you help! :)


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Re: To all East Coast experts - best condos?

Post by Nia0903 » Mon, 16 Mar 2020 1:28 am

Hello Benjamin,

I guess if you’re not in SG yet, best to have a friend here do the viewing for you. Maybe you could do the skimming first through ., rentinsingapore, roomgo, etc. just view the pictures + read the description and whatsapp the owner/agent for more details. Then your friend would come view the room in person to get you a better real-time review of the place. I personally think your budget is okay to find a studio apartment (1-bedroom) or take the master bedroom in a shared condo. Good luck!

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