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S Pass for foreigner with $2000 salary

Posted: Mon, 02 Mar 2020 5:21 pm
by Roundglass

I have recently accepted to a company that willing to pay me for $2000 for the first 3 months of my probation period (i have done interview in the company also), fyi, I am Diploma graduate majoring in Interior Design, with total 8 months working experience as intern in Singapore. I am also graduated from a college in Singapore after studying for 3 years.

Then my company emailed me earlier, saying they have checked my eligibility for the S Pass, but the minimum salary does not match, and so they did not continue with my application.

The thing is, i have checked with online Self Assessment Tool from MOM, with the 'Tuition Grant bond' box is ticked, it resulted that I am eligible for S Pass. And when the box is unticked, I am not eligible.

Does this means that I can still apply for the S Pass? And I am eligible for it because of my tuition grant? (Although the MOM website does stated minimum of $2400 as per 2020)

Thank you!
And I hope for some insights and feedback from someone that might have the same experience as me/have knowledge about this.

PS. I know $2000 might seems too little, but I know I am just a fresh grads, and I just wanted to learn from the company i will be working with :)