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Dependent PR

Post by kasichettan » Sun, 09 Feb 2020 6:59 pm

I am female of 40 years old and a dependent PF holder since 2009. My husband and I are presently living separately in Singapore since last 5 years and both of them are working here. My husband has filed a divorce case back home in Telangana,India and case is still going on since last 5 years. I am getting my PR renewed with the ICA authorities since last 5 years every year as my estranged husband would not renew it. Even though the authorities are renewing it every year, but it was under the category of dependent PR only. This year upon renewal they have bluntly informed me that unless I produce the divorce decree in next 12 months, they are not going to renew the PR in next year. I did inform them that it is not in my hand to get the judgement as it is a court procedure and cases is still going on since last 5 years. They say it cannot be continued like this anymore, if you get the divorce decree, we can consider your independent PR but dependent PR cannot be continued.

Kindly advise, what is the option available with me in this case? Is there any appellant authority to whom I can go in case the PR is not renewed? Please advise how should I approach so that I stay & continue to work here.


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Re: Dependent PR

Post by PNGMK » Sun, 09 Feb 2020 8:13 pm

There is no reason why you cannot start a divorce in Singapore as you are resident here. If your husband doesn't contest it should be over soon enough I think. Even if the divorce has not gone through in Singapore by the time your REP needs renewal it will probably be of more advantage to be doing it in Singapore.

Remember that you ALWAYS have PR - so if your REP is not renewed - simply don't leave Singapore until it is.

(Note I'm assuming you're a PR here but you've mixed terms - DP and PR. DP is definitely a different case - you will need your own EP here if you lose your DP).
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