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LTVP - Visitor seeking permission to give birth in Singapore

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LTVP - Visitor seeking permission to give birth in Singapore

Post by UK Visitor mum to be » Tue, 03 Dec 2019 5:59 pm

Hello everyone, I wonder if you can help or offer some advice on my situation.

I am currently in Singapore on a standard 90 day visitor pass and am pregnant, planning to have the baby in Singapore in January 2020.
I have a Singaporean doctor at Raffles hospital who will deliver the baby. However, I don't understand what needs to be done to have the baby here to follow the rules of immigration and seem to be going in circles !

Therefore I have applied for a LTVP as a Visitor seeking permission to give birth in Singapore with a local sponsor (individual) but this can take 6 weeks which will bring us to half way through January 2020 - what if the baby comes early ?
My 90 day visitor pass lets me stay in Singapore until early February 2020 but I am concerned if there are any complications with the pregnancy or if i am breaking the law if i give birth here without permission through the LTVP first!

To give the facts:

I am a British Citizen otherwise than by descent (born in the UK) and a resident in the UK.
I am pregnant with estimated due date in January 2020 (currently 33weeks).

My husband works in SE Asia and is also a British Citizen otherwise than by descent (born in the UK).

The new born child shall be a British citizen at the time of birth if born outside of the UK because:
British citizenship shall be automatic at time of birth under the British Nationality act 1981 through Acquisition by descent because the mother (and father) are British Citizens otherwise than by descent.
So there should be no question that the child takes British citizenship automatically and that we are not trying to somehow get Singaporean nationality for our child.
The ICA actually request a letter from the Brit High Comm. or similar authority to state this - however the British authority will not provide such a letter and just state that under the Brit Nationality act 1981 it is clear the child shall have Brit Citizenship!
So hopefully this letter is not an issue - has anyone experienced this dilemma and can shed any light on it ?

My husband and I don't want to work in Singapore. I just want to stay as a tourist - basically as 'pregnancy tourism' to put it simply/crudely ! my husband is free to come and go as he is employed outside Singapore.

Another option for me could be to fly out and come back in again so that I renew my 90 day visitor pass, but this seems 'wrong' and could be seen as suspicious - also, as my pregnancy progresses I would prefer to avoid flying (not to mention only a couple of weeks left until airlines won't let me fly at 36 weeks)!

Sorry for the long post. I just feel like I am missing something, and trying to do things right so if anyone has any experience I would be so grateful to your insight!!!

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