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Should I send back this maid?

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Should I send back this maid?

Post by Candy1984 » Sun, 17 Nov 2019 12:29 am


Pls advice if I should send back this maid?

She’s with me for 1.5 years, work so so only, I allocate her to do cleaning over the weekends, become she eat snake, morning Wakeup 7am, wait till 12pm if got cool then while day no houewrk, no cook, then slowly cleaning 1 room, 1 kitchen or 1 living room, 6pm on wards rest. Clesning is use dry cloth n spray glass detergent recently that makes me pussed n scolded her, she urged back and say that is not detergent!!! I have the urge to send her bk immediately, but I got no backup as I am still working, no one to take care my child, if I send back I cannot handle, my husband sure point finger at me and say that I am lousy say I am at fault.

This maid is like behaving she is just here for work lor, got food faster follow, we need help to buy groceries, then she pretend don’t follow, Like need money kind, money not enough then tell, otherwise not her problem no need tell me, very fake one till now never even buy 1 sweet for my girl before, just put up show here, but I go out with her, she tells me $40 a pair of shoe is cheap. But want to show me she rich.

30 nov 2019 is my last day at work, if I send this maid back, I need to go interview got problem again, my husband sure point ginger n say I am at fault to make him take leave his wrk is important, I got no help, my own dad got his own principles to follow, no staying at my house, no eating at my house and no coming to to my house on weekends, no going out with me on weekends. So I have a problem to ask my dad for help,

My father in law tell me straight, enjoyment then get him involved like got good food go restaurant the. Call him, take up responsibility dont tell him.

My sister simply ignore me, zero communication with me, I must suits her timing to talk to her or meet her, she cannot come my house, only I can visit her. Also say she is busy at wrk, untill no family kin ship, busy with work but NV even give even $50 for my dad allowance every month. (She is 31 year old no family no boyfriend, but claim that she is busiest then me, no time to meet me and my girl, I got to bring my girl to pay her a visit, and claim that no money to give my dad allowance) piss off with her too.

I am nothing but myself, I feel I got no one to talk or turn to.

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Re: Should I send back this maid?

Post by tiktok » Sun, 17 Nov 2019 2:49 pm

You had me at "eat snake"...
I not troll/wacko/spammer.
Me no expat. Me foreigner.

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