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Plastic surgery in Seoul Korea - Fat Grafting (이마지방이식)

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Plastic surgery in Seoul Korea - Fat Grafting (이마지방이식)

Post by jenny94 » Thu, 31 Oct 2019 10:29 am

Hello everyone,

I am currently living in Singapore. Today I just created this account in order to share some information with you guys, who are having some concerns in doing some plastic surgeries in Korea. I have been an inactive audience, reading this forum quietly for a long time, doubting here and there like most of you guys. But believe it or not, I have just done fat grafting on my face in Korea this month, just really recently, recent until the bruises on my thigh are still obvious that I could not wear any skirts or short jeans STILL!

Just to share some of my reviews about the place i went to in Gang Nam to do this procedure in the most neutral way. I decided to did this not because I can benefit anything from the clinic as i have already done it and paid the whole price for it (I did not get any discount and the hospital did not even take any of my "after surgery" picture) but because I know there are a lot of people like me, wondering where to go, which one to trust. The fact that nowadays there are too many agents and "fake" reviews come from paid staff members to earn commission, I am just a normal person, not famous, also blur, just that I am sincerely understand the hardness of finding truthful information so i decided to share what I have been through.

I flied to Korea on 5 October this year, landed on Sunday, so we spent the day shopping, eating as there is no hospital opening on Sun. I was quite sad cos i just want to do my surgery fast so that i can enjoy my Seoul time but ya, no choice.

Monday came, i woke up late so i did not eat anything and went straight to one surgery hospital, which is View. Forget to mention that i did read some reviews to choose my own clinics, my consideration list is View, Dream, Face plus, La Pr in, Item, and Opera. J K did appear in my list, but there are some reviews saying that J K works are too natural, like no change, I don't like my fat grafting become so natural until no change, so i eliminated J K out of my list. Left with almost the big and famous places. I did imagine that those hospitals are too big, too rich and too famous, if really something went wrong with my surgery, i voice out, who will believe me sia? Or the hospital will pay some money to those websites, news and forums to delete all my posts like they did it to those fail cases... It did pass my mind and i'm kinda upset. But again, no choice, i just can trust them and trust my luck! :???:

I went to View first, well, ya, nice hospital, the whole building is theirs. Got translator but actually i can understand what they say. I will let you know the price for foreigner. The price can be negotiated, try to ask for lower price, be thick face, don't be scared. At first they quote 2 xxx xxx won (reaching 3 000 000 won) for my fat grafting. Oh forget to mention, i only do forehead fat grafting, not whole face. I did expect it to be within that range, but trust me, any price also can negotiate, just do it, it is your hard earn money also. After being consulted by the girl (who claimed to do a lot of surgeries in View, but to be honest i did not find her pretty, i am bad but i am just honest, she looked normal, not that excellent that i imagined), i need to wait another 1 hour to do consultation with my doctor. View gave me one voucher for free drink, they got their own coffee place, very nice! Their facilities looked damn good, there were a lot of people, patients, staffs, everything looked quite professional. I did think i will do my surgery there without any hesitation. But View had made a wrong move that they say i need to wait 1 hour, cos that is when i run to consult at another hospital and never come back to View. I feel kinda sad for them but never mind they are so big and has so many customer, i do or not also not of their big concern.

I run to my next destination, which is La p r in, I read on this forum got people mention about a kind of new procedure of fat grafting which is only done by La p r in called stem cell fat grafting. I also don't know what the difference between traditional fat graft and cell steam fat graft is, only know that cell steam, the surviving rate of fat is higher and yes, it keeps the effect longer, that's what i always wanted. I was consulted by one lady, she can speak Vietnamese, English and Korean quite well. She told me about the fat grafting procedure, it is just a small procedure, fast, but is not permanent. I ask her why don't she recommend me to do filler instead of fat graft, she told me that injection a big amount of filler to my forehead is not a wise choice. You can inject small amount on your lips with filler, is fine, but in order to reshape forehead, fat graft is suggested. I listened to her. I got ask her: if i do fat graft already, next time i want to inject filler to my forehead in case the fat has been absorbed, fine or not. The doctor responded that it is NOT OK for me to do fat grafting AND do filler to my forehead. It just cannot be mixed together, really cannot. (Doctor and the lady consult me at the same time, no waiting time in this hospital, which is good). I realized that View consulted me the other way, they told me can do fat graft, next time still can inject filler if want to, i feel scared about View. That is one of the reason i don't want to come back View, as i feel they just want me to do surgery for the sake of surgery, they don't really care if really got something happens if i really go and inject filler after doing fat graft. My hair did stand for awhile after La p r in doctor said so. I was quite interested in cell steam fat graft so i think i would do my surgery here. I asked for the price, she quoted me, of cos cheaper than View, around 5 xx xxx won, i was so stupid and my mouth just slipped: why so cheap, F M L, ha ha . I should have negotiated, damn. Really damn. Stupid me.

Oh well, surgery happens after that, no waiting time, fast and furious like what i wanted. I has been moved out of the surgery room on a wheel chair. The moment I look into the mirror i was yelling, "can u tell doctor to inject more for me can or not, there is no difference at all, i don't want!!!" They replied me: "oh well, cannot, he already injected 20 cc into your forehead already, next month u come back we touch up for u". I was like no, i don't want, i want do now. I was damn funny. But actually it was the effect of the anesthetic, my eyes did not even open to see clearly! Later on i was looking again at myself in the mirror then i was, ya, that was i like, fine for now, no complaints. Hooray! Sorry, my mood like just swings here and there :smile:

Ya my surgery just like that. I give you see some of the picture before and after. There is not much change, but it does increase your beauty into another standard, trust me. Only with this i was so so confident and so happy. I will come back for touch up in November, if you want to witness it by your own eyes, u are welcome to come with me, i will do in front of u for u to have the courage, cos i really did it from them, i also not going to earn a single cent, just want to help with some real review and to show some gratitude to this forum and my doctor (hopefully not some "shadow" doctor did for me) and to help those who are currently being a lost bird like me last time. Also some guidance that, for fat grafting, fat does absorb a lot a lot, the result come out is fabulous, but after just less than 1 month, i feel my fat did absorb a lot, it is not as nice as before, but still, i love it, it does satisfy me in some ways. So if u have decided to do it, just go ahead, simple procedure, nothing to worry. Got any other question about anything, please feel free to ask me, i will answer.

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Re: Plastic surgery in Seoul Korea - Fat Grafting (이마지방이식)

Post by chimmey11 » Fri, 03 Jan 2020 11:58 am

I am considering View after a consultation in Singapore with Eunogo but they quoted me 15.5k for nose and eye revision.

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