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DP Application for Kids Below 12yrs

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DP Application for Kids Below 12yrs

Post by amitmunshi1985 » Sat, 19 Oct 2019 1:19 pm

Hi All,
I am moved on an EP just last month for work purposes. My family too, wife and daughter would be soon moving in. However, I am facing challenges wrt to my daughter's DP Application. This is because a per the new regulation, childrens below 12 yrs of age need to get the vaccination records certified by the Health Promotion Board Singapore.
The issue out here is the immunization calendar in India is different from that of Singapore. My daughter who is 2.5yrs old has got all her vaccines done as per the Indian Immunization calendar however Singapore follows a different schedule. Hence the HPB board is not giving their requisite approval.
Thus wanted to know if anyone knows the work around or has had similar experience in terms of getting the approval from the Health Promotion Board so that I can proceed with her DP application.
Please do share your experience on the same as it would be helpful.

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