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Average salaries in Singapore

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The Ref
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Re: Average salaries in Singapore

Postby The Ref » Wed, 06 Sep 2017 12:31 pm

duluoz1 wrote:Can somebody give me a ballpark range for a VP at a large foreign bank, in cyber security/infosec? Thanks.

About 100 - 200K depending on many things, such as junior VP to Senior VP (these are often not published or even discussed with you but you will be ranked) as well as where you come from, your race and what is your current salary (hard to get more than 25% increase even if coming from a developing country background).

Notice I didn't put experience first? Singapore is a funny place. I was earning similar to my single peers and they were rich, while I was struggling to pay bills with 2 kids in International School and it actually makes sense in this environment.

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Re: Average salaries in Singapore

Postby duluoz1 » Thu, 07 Sep 2017 10:43 am

Thanks Ref. That is more or less the same as my experience here.

Also your comments about single friends here are very familiar. My childless friends here feel like they have a very high quality of life. I'm less sure, similar to you a huge chunk of my salary is taken up by International School fees. Entirely my own fault, buy that is what will ultimately be the pinch point that forces us to leave Singapore.

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