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Postby dennislwm » Wed, 09 Mar 2005 3:40 pm

Hi All,

I am a foreigner and trying to find a job here in Singapore.

I've been to those recruitment agencies but they always
say there is no suitable position. I've keep on posting my
resume to the Internet but still no reply.

Can somebody help me please?

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Strong Eagle
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Postby Strong Eagle » Wed, 09 Mar 2005 3:56 pm

You're going to have to do your own networking to get a job here.

In order for any company here to hire you, they must get you an employment pass, and they have to justify why they want to hire a foreigner over a local. They've got ratios of locals to EP's to maintain and there is always the paperwork. So unless you've got something that sets you apart from the crowd, you'll be competing against people here who are already authorized to work (citizens and PR's).

If I were trying to do what you are doing, I'd consider connecting with MNC's that do business here and in your home country, and establishing a relationship with someone, either for a job or a recommendation.

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