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Citizenship rejected, reapply suggestions

Posted: Thu, 16 May 2019 9:54 pm
by ramk
Hi All

My application for Citizenship rejected last year. I would like to get opinions on who should be the primary applicant. Is primary applicant can be Wife or Husband since both working? Or should we follow the PR Primary applicant? My PR application my Husband is the Primary applicant

SC application details

Online submission: Mar 2017
Document submission: Aug 2017
Application Rejected: June 2018

My Profile details:

Female, Age: 42 / Indian PR / Family PR since 2002

Myself Working in MNC (Managerial Position) & Husband working In Manufacturing Industry Team Leader

Applied as whole family of 3 (Husband, Wife and One Daughter studying Poly now)

Combined Family Income: >220k per annum

Education: Myself MBA from UK University, Bachelor Degree from Australian University & Husband Advance Diploma from local Poly and holding other technical Diplomas from Overseas

I would like to reapply as some changes in my profile, Kindly share your suggestions