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Post by goldenashton » Tue, 07 May 2019 5:39 am

Hello everyone,

I hope people who read this is going to have a great day.

I'm an Indonesian citizen who got refused to enter singapore (since 31th of January 2019) and haven't got back since I'm worried that I'll got rejected for the second time.

I started entering singapore since September 2018, stays for few days and then after coming for few 3 times in Singapore then stays like around 25-29 days in Singapore starting in October 2018.

At October 27 I enter Singapore it was still okay, I stayed for 29 days then I left at the 30th day to Batam and stays for a day then back with Ferry (it was also fine) then I left at 9 of December 2018 back to my city (Jakarta, Indonesia) and then when I'm back in the next day due my fiance needs (he's an swedish expats living in Singapore under EP) and when I entered I was planning to go to Stockholm by myself so I put on my Embarkation paper that my next destination after that is Stockholm, but turns up I have to leave at 21th of December 2018, then back at 28th of December 2018. At that time I put my next destination city as Amsterdam (which it also end up with I don't fly there due work) and then the Immigration officer starting to question about what am I doing here, and they're asking about where am I staying, asking about my fiances address and FIN number, but at that time I got allowed to get in, then I left at 27th of January 2019.

At January 31th, 2019. I tried to enter singapore for a day because I have to pick up some stuffs that I have back at my fiance's place and planning to Kota Kinabalu in the next day. I put Kota Kinabalu on my next destination, and I put that I'm gonna stay for a day. Then I got stopped by the Immigration officer, questioned about my fiance's details, phone number, FIN, and they put me in a room where they took a picture of me and my 10 fingerprints, after that they're asking how much money that i have as cash and I said i have no cash (since i always do cashless in singapore with paywave) and I told them that I have money on my bank account like around $20k but they don't care or even want to take a look. Then they said that I got refused to enter the country and they're going to ship me back home, and they did.

When I'm back to Jakarta, I checked that I have paper of refusal for my entry that they said I'm not ineligible for issuing a visa. But I don't have any stamps on my passport like what everyone elses has, just the paper that is attached to my passport.

The question is,
1. Do I have to wait for trying to enter the country? If yes, for how long? and should I get in using like another way? (The last time I tried to get in by plane)
2. Do I have to do something to enter? Since I don't have any stamps that the ICA put on my passport like everyone elses (I read that people who has this needs to apply for an Entry pass)
3. If I only got paper attached on the back on my passport without any stamps, am I safe and no need to do anything?
4. Is there any alternative way besides entry pass, like is it okay for getting a Work Pass?
5. Since me and my fiance is a gay couple and about to get married in a month, is our marriage gonna be admitted? and is it possible that he's sponsoring my stay or put me as dependant or any alternative way?

Thanks everyone, have a nice day.

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Post by sundaymorningstaple » Tue, 07 May 2019 6:57 pm

The only way that would ever even get off the starting line is if you and your partner were already married legally (where both of you have residency) BEFORE he came to Singapore. As he is already here, ICA will NOT recognize the marriage, legal or not in his country. And it's pretty obvious why your were refused entry once you told them that you were gay and had a boyfriend here. I'm afraid you are going to have a rough time getting any type of visa to stay here in Singapore with him. Good Luck. You are going to need it.
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