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An Experience with Clients

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An Experience with Clients

Postby mmmaweiyuan » Wed, 17 Apr 2019 11:32 am

In March, the boss transferred another French customer, G, to me. This is the first customer that I personally followed out. Although not much is being done now. But I followed it step by step. It was a pleasure. In retrospect, in fact, the reason why customers cooperate with us is the strength of the company. Because the company can do a very special certification, the details are not easy to elaborate, can only say that this certification at that time only a few companies can do and this customer just needed, so it is very advantageous in this respect. It also certifies the strength of the company to help sales.

From a performance point of view, March to August was my worst performance. 500 salaries were deducted for two consecutive quarters. But at that time I did not give up, because there are several customers in hand to follow, the heart is very hopeful when placing orders in the future. At that time, the leaders were very worried about my performance. They called me over several times to help me analyze the situation of customers and encourage me not to give up. But at that time, I was still quite determined, because there have been customers downloading prototypes, inquiries, so I know that now I did not order just did not find the right product, the right opportunity. Sure enough, by the second half of the year, those customers have underground orders one after another. Now, in retrospect, my persistence at that time was still correct.

Speaking of sticking to this kind of thing, in fact, sticking to it is not only a slogan, but also a wisdom. In the first two years of my career, it was because of the wrong persistence that I made myself ashamed. In the foreign trade industry for more than three years, but because of persistence, now can gradually improve, more and more confident. For the previous job insistence, purely out of their own unwillingness, did not take into account their own conditions, did not consider whether the job is suitable for themselves. As a result, it took two years in vain. If you could calmly analyze your situation when you were in trouble, you could jump out of the fire pit earlier.

This customer is very interested in cooperating with us from the beginning of contact. So in the six months from March to August, we have made 7-8 prototype orders, and the quotation is also once a month. But I didn't see what that meant at the time, just foolishly following the customer's requirements. Fortunately, the prototype fee was given on time, so I made more efforts. Now in retrospect, if we could keep up with each other more closely and communicate more, maybe there would be more opportunities for cooperation in the future. Until September, the price of a product finally met the customer's requirements. Of course, this is also the intention of customers to cooperate. At that time, there were several suppliers participating in the bidding, and some of them offered lower prices than we did. But ultimately, customers place orders with us. This is inseparable from the strength of the company at that time, as well as my previous follow-up.

G This customer is a very good customer. And it's very rigorous, and it's completely in accordance with the process. At the same time, they are also very professional, and they can help us solve many technical problems. Another feature is that their foreign purchases are all Chinese, and all the Chinese people in France are invited, so they communicate smoothly. Only the buyer who met me was more strict and less polite. However, after a long time of cooperation, she became familiar with her temper and communicated smoothly. Although troublesome, as long as they operate according to their process, there will be no problem. Unlike some customers whose orders are operated at will, problems occur at the time of final shipment, or errors are found after shipment, resulting in endless subsequent chatter.

But after the order began to operate, I made a lot of mistakes in the follow-up process. Many places are not done carefully enough, of course, this has something to do with my lack of experience, not familiar with the process. In retrospect, one thing is worth noting. First, we should not argue with our customers. On some standard issues, as long as we can do it, we will try to comply with customer requirements. Don't argue with customers about unnecessary standards, even if we are right and win customers, but leave a bad impression on customers. Moreover, since the customer has such criteria or choices, he must have unilateral consideration, but he has no time or need to explain it to us in detail. Because of language problems, it is sometimes difficult for customers to express their concerns accurately. At this time, all we have to do is to express ourselves and give suggestions to customers. If they have to stick to their own choices, they can do it according to customers'requirements. Although I knew this before, I still failed to do it in practice. Only by touching a wall can we deeply understand it.

Secondly, if there is a problem, we must make it clear to our customers and never hide it. Especially for some professional customers. At this point, I made a rather serious mistake, resulting in having to work overtime with engineers on the night of December 31, 2014. While others are celebrating the New Year, I have to work hard overtime.

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