Rental neighborhood recommendation

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Rental neighborhood recommendation

Post by vipra » Mon, 08 Apr 2019 6:19 am

Hello, we are a family of 4 planning to relocate to Singapore in Q3 2019. I'd like to seek your recommendations of neighborhoods/communities to stay in. Thanks in advance!

- budget: $4500-5000
- workplace: Downtown
- the size and/or type of property that you are seeking (#bedrooms, on-site facilities etc): 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, renovated HDB or condo
- will you have a car here? No
- proximity to transport required. MRT-subway/buses/the airport/Malay border post (if so, which one): Within 1 km of any MRT station on North South / Downtown / Circle lines
- will you have any accompanying children needing to attend school? If so, age/s? Yes, 12 and 4
- are you looking at private (international/fee-paying, or local schools?): private/international
- will your employer being funding any fees; or will you, 'out of pocket'? Out of pocket
- is remaining within a national curriculum important; if so what nationality are you? No
- have you identified any such schools yet? No

Nice to have:
- will you need to be able to say walk to the local shops, a library, your doctor, a market, and so on? No
- access to any specific sport, social, and recreation facilities? No
- are you considering bringing any pets. If so what kind, and will they require outdoor access and/or exercise? No
- are you considering bringing any parents/in-laws etc? Do they have specific needs (for example difficulty climbing stairs?) No

Your current home and commute:
- are you already a city dweller? i.e. Are you used to city-centre hustle and bustle, or would you hope for a bit more peace and quiet? Either is fine
- what is the size and type (apartment, house+garden etc) of your current home? 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, condo with backyard, 1200 sqft
- what are any current commute times like? 45 mins

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Re: Rental neighborhood recommendation

Post by abbby » Mon, 09 Sep 2019 9:42 pm

Best to identify the school and workplace and work between the two in terms of distance and MRT line, if you guys aren't driving.
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