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Be cautious of getting surgery done at Dream hospital korea !

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Be cautious of getting surgery done at Dream hospital korea !

Postby Ritabae » Wed, 20 Mar 2019 3:48 pm

1. expensive
2. keep recommending additional procedures
3. bad result
4. pressurised to take up the surgery by the consultant
5. Disconnection between consultant and doctor
6. Dr performed sugery based on last minute discussion

i will advise anyone who plans to do rhinoplasty in korea to select the right dr from dream group or right hospital to perform your rhinoplasty.

There are various ways a surgery can turned into a botched job, including the doctor are trained and licensed but do not have asthethic acuments or the hospital operates like a dysfunctional manufacturing
5 years ago, i took up my courage and flew to korea to have my surgery done.

i chose dream because i once had faith in Dream and Dr Park who was well known for his specialization in rhinoplasty ( i did my research on the website) and since dream medical group has a clinic in singapore, then i could have my follow-up in sg, the country where i reside.

When i first arrived at the hospital, the hospital looks extravaganza. i thought it should be fine to have my surgery performed by them.

my initial thought was to have a rhinoplasty and double-eyelid done.
However, facelift was recommended and so it was added to the surgery.

upon recommendation by Dr Park,
Dr Jo took over the surgery when Dr Park does not perform open rhinoplasty.

After one time of meet-up with Dr. Jo, graduate of Yonsei University, i had several round of discussion with only the consultants.
The consultant seems to work independently and it is impossible to contact the doctor directly when a discussion is needed.

The consultant did the talking but it seems the information were not conveyed to the doctor.

It was a waste of time. These consultants function more like a frontier-defense line, buying time before meeting with the doctor.

The process:
I was urged and pressurized by the consultants to make payment upfront without full discussion with the Dr. on my rhinoplasty as they insisted that the slots would be gone if i don't instantly reserved the slot!

my thought was since i had faith in dr park, so i should not doubt his recommendation. Thus, i made the payment.

Nonetheless, this led to a disaster. After making payment, the consultant seemed to disappear and i didn't even get to discuss further details with Dr Jo on what i wanted for my nose surgery.

on operation day, few mins before the sugery, Dr. Jo last min asked whether do i need my nose bridge to be higher or lower and etc, i was shocked, why did you asked me about this? didn't the consultant conveyed what i wanted? so why did i waste my time with the consultant? i had a communication breakdown with Dr Jo.
The surgery procceded because of the reserved slot and i had to flew back to Sg.

The result:
Dr Park did a good result on the double-eyelid. Thanks Dr Park.
However, my rhinoplasty turns out horrendous! i am very upset. Look at the picture, it is just another botch job of korea plastic surgery. Bulbous and slanted.

After surgery, I noticed the nose was slanted and i spoke to the doctors but they insisted me to wait till the nose stabilized.

when i got back sg, i went to dream sg and dr Vincent of dream singapore recommended me to wait as well. Each visit i was charged SGD100++ and ABOVE.
i visited the clinic around 5 times to address my issues and to get check-ups.

Dr vincent further suggested me to do a jaw surgery as my face was too small and he mentioned that if i were to do revision in sg, i would have to pay the full cost. it seems that both The dream clinic of korea and singapore operates separately.
of course, i declined to do any additional surgery considering the nose job was badly done.

After a year, the nose was much more slanted than it was. i tried to locate the consultants and asked them what are the cost of revision, they said i would hv to fly to korea to meet the dr or to wait until stabilise.

It is the 5th year, so do i still need to wait it to stabilize further?
Now, the worned out facelift , which seems to last for only two years, has made my face looked much older and haggard.

i dropped a message to dream but now the consultants told me a different story. Since it is more than 3 years, i will hv to pay 50% for a revision.

Why am paying a revision for the botched job done by your doctor? i am not even asking for compensation of the damages done.

I posted this because i hope aspirants of cosmetic surgery to be cautious of getting a surgery done in Korea. Do not be cheated by the photo posted on the websites or thinking that a branded hospital is good, it might be just the other way round.

also, anyone knows of any good doctor in sg for rhinoplasty revision? thanks in advance!
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Re: Be cautious of getting surgery done at Dream hospital korea !

Postby Ritabae » Wed, 20 Mar 2019 4:14 pm

the result;
unprecedented increased in wrinkles two years post-threadlift / facelift surgery

bulbous nose, slanted nose bridge, inappropriate proportion of size / length of nose to face, and because of the slant, i hv block nose on onse-side and difficulty in breathing at night.

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Re: Be cautious of getting surgery done at Dream hospital korea !

Postby Ritabae » Thu, 21 Mar 2019 3:06 pm

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