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Postby nadd » Wed, 13 Mar 2019 3:47 am

Hello, I am a Burmese citizen and have been on dependent pass under my dad’s EP since I was in Primary school.My siblings are all here working and studying.I have been schooling in SG for more than 11years.May 2018 i got married to a Singaporean and decided to apply for LTVP in Dec 2018. My application was rejected in Jan.Does my education affect the outcome as I did not complete my O’s for some reason.Should I try applying for PR instead as I have plans to start a business in SG in the future and have researched that EP/SP requires education.Currently im on visit pass and my previous employer is waiting for me to get a pass so that I can continue to work for them.Or is there any way to further my studies without a N/O level cert?And,ICA approved my social visit pass extension till April. Will I have difficulties entering Singapore after I return to my country for a week? Please give me some advices .

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Re: LTVP or PR

Postby sheshen » Wed, 27 Mar 2019 6:15 pm

Of course education does affect on your every application. Thats why education certificate is one of the requirment to apply LTVP/PR. Your husband income also one of the factor if you apply under your husband sponsor. You may try apply PR, but expect nothing. Other way, give birth singaporean baby and apply PR. If still rejected, it still good on DP under your father/husband.

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Re: LTVP or PR

Postby sundaymorningstaple » Wed, 27 Mar 2019 7:34 pm

Either way, PR will not be given. The best she can hope for initially is a LTVP or LTVP+. She cannot be under a DP as she is now married to a Singaporean. Without being married a single girl can still remain on a DP as long as she is living at home, but once married, regardless where she is living, DP on the parent is out of the question.

Yes, her education (lack thereof) will definitely have an adverse impact as Singapore Government is looking out to protect it's citizens from being conned by 3rd world ladies trying to score a way to stay in Singapore without qualifications. While this is probably NOT the case in the OP's case, it IS the way that ICA will look at it as she didn't complete her O levels and without at least a degree she'll not get a job that will get her an S pass (without suitable experience) she'll be able to possibly get a WP only.

But then by not having completed her O levels they may well think she has gotten married to try to make an end run in order to maintain some type of residency here. About the only thing that will have enough weight to overcome that will be having a child as that limits the odds of her disappearing after getting PR as she'll not be that desirable to another local with a baby in arms.

I'm not trying to be mean here, but with 20 years of HR and 15 years on this forum, we/I have a pretty good idea how they think.

NB: "May 2018 i got married to a Singaporean and decided to apply for LTVP in Dec 2018" sounds like she didn't notify MOM or ICA that she got married and her DP was about to expire around the end of Dec or Jan'19. She would have lost her residency in May 2018 had MOM been notified as was required anytime your status here changes. Therefore, there is a good chance that she may well be banned for a period of time if she returns to Myanmar before her residency is sorted out. I feel she is going to need a healthy dollop of luck.

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