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Accountant needed to set up Ltd company

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Accountant needed to set up Ltd company

Post by Ophelia » Mon, 07 Mar 2005 2:31 pm

We have recently had our business plan approved by the MOM, and they have our forwarded our 'approval in principle letter'
however we are not currently residents in Singapore so we need an accountant or law firm to set up the limited company on our behalf so that we may collect our EPs.
Can anybody recommend a reliable and resonably priced firm of accountants?
We would prefer to use an accountant for this process because the new company is going to need one in Singapore anyway and we would like to find somebody we can work with from day one.
Any help appreciated.

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Strong Eagle
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Post by Strong Eagle » Mon, 07 Mar 2005 2:39 pm

If you will contact me via email... available on this board, I will send you the name, address, phone number, and email of a woman who handles all of our accounting business. She takes care of all the details... directors resolutions, filings, you name it, and is very well versed in Singapore Corporate law.

She has set up our company, registered it, handled EP's, the whole ball of wax. She is also certified, which means she can audit accounts, a very useful thing when it comes to proving up to MoM in a couple of years that you have a viable company. I reccomend her highly.


Post by ophelia » Mon, 07 Mar 2005 8:56 pm

Hi, thanks for the speedy response. An e-mail has been sent to you with our contact info.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Strong Eagle
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Post by Strong Eagle » Mon, 07 Mar 2005 9:04 pm

Well, it appears that I don't have an email address on the board after all.

You can write me at

[email protected]

and I'll get right back with the information.

Sorry 'bout that!

Aw L C

Accountants needed to set up Ltd co

Post by Aw L C » Sun, 03 Apr 2005 3:51 pm


Understand that you are looking for an accountant to set up a Ltd co. I have just set up a consultancy company providing corporate services including accounting, accounting outsourcing, taxation and payroll services. If you have not found a suitable accountant to set up your firm OR if you need accounting, accounting outsourcing, taxation or payroll services, please consider my firm. My firm consists of qualified accountants and I can give you very very good rates!

I look forward to your reply. Thanks.

Best regards;
Aw L C
H/p: 9 832 4760
email: [email protected]


Have a business plan but dont know where to start?

Post by Beaufort » Sat, 16 Apr 2005 11:09 am

Hi Ophelia

COnratulations on the in-principle approval letter on your EP. That's great news, you know. It is not easy to get the MOM's approval on EP application via the mode of submission of business plan. You must have great stuff in your business plan!

Alreight, now all you need to do is to incorporate a pte ltd company in Singapore. I am a CPA who is in the business of assisting entrepreneurs like yourself to set up pte ltd company and guide you through the maze of company ownership. My company also provide other services that are essential for the runing of your business such as corporate secretarial services, tax planning an complicance and bookeeping among others

I would like to get in touch with you to discuss your current circumstance in detail so I can advise you and work with you step by step. If you do skype, my skype ID is mirahagus01. Otherwise you may email me at [email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you.

Mirah Agus CPA
Beaufort Corporate Services Pte Ltd
Tel: (65) 65365227
Email: [email protected]
SkypeID: mirahagus01



Post by Guest » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 5:20 pm

Hi. This is Mr Alex Li here.

In response to your post in forum

I am currently running an IT Website Hosting / Website Design & Software Business and am looking for partners (revenue sharing & marketing).

If you would like to meet up with me to discuss plans on how we can
- make more money for each other OR
- bring in more customers for your business OR
- integrate my business with your current business

Call or sms me at 98519712. Mr Alex Li. OR you can reply to this email with your phone and contact and when you are available.

Type of Business:
Date Available:
Time Available:

Yours sincerely,

Alex Li, Operations Manager
Globalcom Internet Consulting

Tel: 65-98519712

Email: [email protected]

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