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Bitter condo renting experience

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Bitter condo renting experience

Post by raghupatiraghav » Wed, 20 Feb 2019 12:21 pm

My sincere and honest advice to all the members is to avoid this particular unit in "The Summit" condominium. You may contact (pm) me if you need further information.

About the condominium: I have no prejudice against the Condominium. This is my honest opinion based on my 2 years of living over there. "The Summit" is not a comfortable place to live for families which do not have a car. It is located very far away from basic amenities such as "super markets / convenience stores / MRT / Bus stop" etc. It is a very old (almost 25 years old) property and it does not have ramps for stroller/wheel chair access in all the blocks. If I am right, only one block's (Block 457) lift lobby can be accessed easily by strollers. For all other blocks, you need to climb couple of stairs to reach the lift lobby. Some of the units are located below street level and it can get very stuffy during the months of Apr to Oct. There are no rain shelters for pedestrians and walk way is quite narrow and it cannot accommodate a good quality (wide) stroller!! It is in the name itself!! "The Summit" which implies that you have to climb a mountain to reach your unit. If you have to carry stuff or young children, you have had it.

About the Unit and Land Lord (LL): This particular unit is located below street level, unfurnished and not so well maintained. Kitchen was in a bad shape. The wood near the kitchen sink was rotting and the whole thing would collapse if repairs are not carried out. Water seeps down below and needs regular cleaning. We could not check this when we took over as sufficient lip-stick work was in place. However, we reported this particular defect to LL thru his agent within the 14 days period. The LL refused to get it repaired and asked us to get it repaired under minor repair clause (S$150). When we checked this with his own contractor, he said that the defect is beyond repair and the whole kitchen counter has to be rebuilt / renewed.

The electrical wiring was in a bad shape and it has not been renewed ever since the apartment was built. LL resorted to Interim repairs as and when there was a defect. When I asked his contractor as to why so many breakdowns were happening he mentioned clearly that the wiring is very old, worn out and needs to be renewed. We had electrical breakdown for more than 3 days in my son's bed room. Water heaters did not work for few days due to wiring issues.

LL has been very rude and hostile since the beginning. He has been a very difficult person to deal with. Greatest proof of this is that his own agent left him half way thru the tenancy. He had to engage another agent to take over the house at the end of the lease. The agent who took over gave us a clean chit and mentioned that the apartment is in clean condition and all things are working fine. He said that the deposit will be returned in 14 days time (as per the tenancy agreement).

After one week, LL tells me that he will deduct S$353.10 towards the replacement of two Diakin Air Con remotes. When we handed over to the agent, remotes were working fine. He says that display is not bright. They are 25 years old remotes and were subjects of progressive fair wear and tear. How can he attribute that to our use? How can he demand to replace his old, used, worn-out remotes with brand new remotes?

I decided not to keep quiet and will fight my case in SMALL CLAIMS TRIBUNAL.

Please consider above factors and AVOID THIS UNIT AT ANY COST.

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