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Police report made against me, can I apply for Student Pass again?

Posted: Sun, 17 Feb 2019 5:13 pm
by jennychadaphet
Dear forum

I am a foreign student who completes her studies in Singapore since primary school.
My stepfather is a Singapore citizen and my mom is a pr. I enrolled in a private school to complete my bachelor degree and was supposed to graduate this march but the uni sent me an email, saying I lacked 1 credit point. At that time, the private school asked me to cancel my student pass because I did not enroll in any module. But I wanted to wait until my result come out so I did not cancelled in Dec. I did not know that private school did not allow me to carry the student pass till the expiry date. I found out after I went to the ICA and asked.

The private school made a police report against me, I think it's for a missing person because the officer told me so. Now, that I had canceled my student pass, with a police report against me, can I still try to apply for the student pass again to complete my last module in Singapore which is only for 3-4 months.
The private school kept telling me that I cannot resume my studies here because of the police report but I did not commit any crime. My parents also live here.

I tried emailing ICA to ask but they did not have me a definite answer. Please help me.
I am so frustrated and sad.

Re: Police report made against me, can I apply for Student Pass again?

Posted: Tue, 28 May 2019 11:59 am
by Mariskekk
Dear Jenny,

I also have the same situation like yours and I would like to know what is your outcome when you apply Student Pass again? If you don't mind may I know which University you are attending? Is it UoN?
For me, after a year, my school tried to renew my student pass again and unfortunately it was rejected.