Incompleted rebonding, how would u react if .......?

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Incompleted rebonding, how would u react if .......?

Post by shiranaihito » Mon, 28 Jan 2019 3:48 pm

I have been a regular customer to a senior hair stylist for more than a decade. Recently she neglected some portion/ area of my hair. I only know when I went for a haircut. The hairstylist flipped through my hair, teased me, asked where I went for rebonding. Actually, I did not feel right with my hair when the senior hair stylist finished her usual procedure. Combing my hair was not as smooth as the previous time but still I think I may be thinking too much. Never did I expect that senior hair stylist failed to deliver. Although it was verified by another hair stylist, I still find hard to believe, as all along that senior hair stylist seems focused when carrying out her job despite chatting on her other customers' matters with others. I then forwarded to that senior hair stylist the neglected portion, asked her if she can redo for me. Surprisingly, she did not reply. She then replied that she will focus next time when I asked her again few day later. I insisted her to re-do for me as I can't pay full price for incomplete result. Anyway, I managed to arrange a date for the re-do session.

Now, I am worried she may pull off stunts when I am there for the re-do session. What if she 'buay paiseh says

: oh then I only redo the neglected portion


: since u have some new hair growth, might as well do again, pay again

What should I do if hair turns damaged aft the redo session? I worry she may do something since reluctant to redo. 

Need some advice.   


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