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Got my IPA letter while LTVP is still under process. What now?

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Got my IPA letter while LTVP is still under process. What now?

Post by Moe85 » Wed, 23 Jan 2019 1:00 pm

Hi all.

So I'm here in Singapore accompanying my wife, who is a scholar already with a TEP. I've got a scholarship myself but won't start until next July at the earliest (my scholarship papers from my home country aren't even finalized yet), so I applied for a LTVP.

While the ICA officer at the time of application *did* inform me that my employer already applied for a TEP under my passport, they said that I can surrender the LTVP once I'm issued the TEP. The problem is that I received my IPA for the TEP from the MOM in my email today, FIN and all.

What now? Do I have to cancel my LTVP application? Or could I just receive the LTVP then wait until I apply for the actual TEP card from the MOM? (I know that I'll be issued a 30-day STVP upon LTVP surrender. I'm planning to go back anyway for a couple weeks before starting, then re-enter with the IPA's single entry)
Also, will the LTVP have a different FIN from the one in the IPA? If no, will this be an issue when I cancel it? As I understand it, the MOM issues the IPA only once.

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