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Regarding LTVP

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Regarding LTVP

Postby Mrs50 » Mon, 21 Jan 2019 11:09 am

Hello lovely people,
This is my first post here and have found this forum already very helpful. I have some questions in regards to LTVP as I'm realizing from reading other posts, it's not that easy to receive a LTVP.
I wanted to ask an advise cause were planning to get a LTVP ( WIFE ONLY)
let me tell you details 1st of our status

Were both Filipinos
Married for almost 25yrs (PHILS)
He is a PR for more than 10yrs now
With 2 children 24 and 20 yrs of age
Were both in our late 40s

Around Nov.2017 he was restrenched but after 3 mos he got hired by same company but under contract for 6mos
After the contract he went home and had a vacation for 3mos.
Then come back again in SG and got hired by the same compny again now with 1 yr contract.
His salary is almost 6k a mo.basic
He just rented a room (no plan to buy HDB)
He never used his CPF
right now we dont have much money at the bank in short we only rely on his monthly income.

Heres my question you think i have a good chance to get my LTVP given the circumstances above?
What i read in ICA one of the requirement is the CPF contribution for the past 12mo
2. Is there a case that they will ask for our bank statement?
3. Is there really an interview for the applicant or for both of us? Could you give me a hint what kind of question they will ask?
3. During interview just in case got approve do I have to say that im planning to work in SG?
4. Is it possible to send online the application and wait the approval before going to SG? Whats the better way or any option?
Is there anyone here with same situation?

Add on:
Wife have college diploma Accounting Course
currently a freelance realty marketing executive for 4yrs now.

Sorry with my English peeps..
Thanks in Advance!!

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