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i need your help, please

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i need your help, please

Post by suberunio » Sat, 19 Jan 2019 10:27 am


Thanks in advance for reading this and also for a possible reply.

I am from the U.S. and graduated last year with a Ph.D. in Econ-Finance. My first job was an assistant professor for only 2 semesters. Up till now, I dont have any industry-relevant experience, just theoretical knowledge from books. But I do speak 3 languages fluently and I believe to be a fast learner. Although the current employer is willing to get me a EP (and fly me in from abroad), I am not sure what the current rate for my job position is, and whether I am entitled to a benefit package like conventional expats (housing subsidy, commuting allowance...etc). My position in the company is to execute sales orders and design financial products. They are currently offering me S$72,000/year (with the usual medical insurance...etc, stuff that local hires also receive). Any advice?

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Re: i need your help, please

Post by The Ref » Sat, 19 Jan 2019 10:53 am

Your chance of an "Expat" package are exactly 0
I cant speak to the salary, but given it is something a local can do it is probably quite good with no experience. Ask them to pay the CPF equivalent on top of that. Of your 3 languages, speaking Mandarin will help, other languages not really.

I assume you are mid 20s, so I suggest come over and see how it goes. $72000 is not that much and life is expensive if you dont try to live at least a little local. Join a sports club , make new friends from around the world and see Asia.

Good luck.

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Re: i need your help, please

Post by PerrytheImp » Mon, 21 Jan 2019 5:54 pm

I have no affiliation with this site; but it may help you evaluate your salary requirements.

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