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Condo suggestions

Post by pdforta » Thu, 17 Jan 2019 1:11 am

Hi all,

I will be moving from the UK to Singapore next month for a two-year post. I have started browsing for rental properties and need some advice on which location and condo would suit my need.

- your budget (approx range) $2000-$3000
- your workplace/s (don't name names, just approx neighbourhood) Biopolis
- the size and/or type of property that you are seeking (#bedrooms, on-site facilities etc) one-bedroom condo; gym and pool; preferably fully furnished, but if an equivalent unfurnished unit is $200+ cheaper, I would rather buy my own furniture from IKEA as it would be cheaper in the long run.
- will you have a car here? No
- will you have any accompanying children needing to attend school? If so, age/s? No

Nice to have:
- will you need to be able to say walk to the local shops, a library, your doctor, a market, and so on? Within walking distance to public transport, preferably MRT, is crucial as I don't have a car; also within walking distance to shops and restaurants would be nice but not absolutely necessary.
- access to any specific sport, social, and recreation facilities? No
- are you considering bringing any pets. If so what kind, and will they require outdoor access and/or exercise? No
- are you considering bringing any parents/in-laws etc? Do they have specific needs (for example difficulty climbing stairs?) No

Your current home and commute:
- are you already a city dweller? i.e. Are you used to city-centre hustle and bustle, or would you hope for a bit more peace and quiet? I used to live in London, so used to the hustle and bustle, but would prefer peace and quiet
- what is the size and type (apartment, house+garden etc) of your current home? A small (~40 sqm) one bedroom flat, so I'm used to living in a "shoebox" apartment.
- what are any current commute times like? I currently live 10 min walking distance to work, but I realise this may not be possible in Singapore so wouldn't mind commuting.

Based on prelim search I found a few condos that are within 30 min MRT ride from Biopolis and have one-bedroom flats that are within my budget:

One-North Residences
Commonwealth Tower
J Gateway
Viva Vista

Have anyone had any experience renting in one of these condos or live within their vicinities, and have any comments on them? My employer will provide two weeks of accommodation when I arrive, so I will have some times to check them out, but it would be good to know other people's experience that may not be apparent in a short visit. Also if anyone has any other condo suggestions, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Re: Condo suggestions

Post by abbby » Mon, 09 Sep 2019 9:52 pm

I am not sure which place you finally settled on, but my personal choice would be to live close as possible to my if I could just walk to work.
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