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Don’t Freeze Your Cash in Rental Security Deposits!

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Don’t Freeze Your Cash in Rental Security Deposits!

Postby Pal » Wed, 16 Jan 2019 12:01 am

Moving to Singapore can be expensive, especially where land is scarce and property prices are high. That is why this Sing-Guarantee is ideal for expatriates looking to rent a house in Singapore.

Sing-Guarantee provides an alternative to putting down cold, hard cash for your security deposit, which you would not be able to use for the entire duration of your lease. It is the first and only provider of a rental deposit guarantee in Singapore that frees up your cash so you can spend on what matters more –like the cost of moving to health insurance, and even your children’s school fees!


The Swiss-standard Rental Deposit Solution Now in Singapore
Sing-Guarantee is the first company that brings this Swiss-standard rental deposit solution that European expatriates are familiar with. Rental deposit guarantees have been around in Europe for over 20 years, and are a standard accepted by tenants and landlords alike.

Fully Secure, Reliable and 100% Backed By Cash
Each Sing-Guarantee certificate is fully reliable, secure and 100% backed by an equivalent amount of cash. A Sing-Guarantee certificate covers landlords in the same way as a security cash deposit and costs tenants only a fraction of what they would put down for a cash deposit. Tenants only have to pay an initial fee, depending on the amount of guarantee on inception date of lease. Subsequently, an annual fee has to be paid to Sing-Guarantee.

A rental deposit guarantee is not an insurance product. As a tenant, you still remain liable for any damage caused to the property or if you default on your rental payments.


Benefits of Sing-Guarantee
Immediate cash savings
Fully secure, reliable and 100% backed by cash
Secure your dream home faster✓Start paying fees only when you move in
Worry less about getting back your security deposit
Provides professional assistance for your security deposit concerns
Quick and easy approval process

How to Apply
All you have to do is apply online and Sing-Guarantee will review and approve your application within 48 hours. Once approved, Sing-Guarantee will share your certificate directly with your landlord, making it easier for you to move in hassle-free.


Contact Us
Suntec Tower Three
8 Temasek Boulevard # 42-01
Singapore 038988

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30 AM -05:30 PM

Phone Number:
+65 6829 2301

+65 8711 8500


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