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Help - Certificates for Visa requirements

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Help - Certificates for Visa requirements

Post by larkypants » Fri, 04 Jan 2019 6:56 pm


I have a potential job offer in Singapore, they have also offered to sponsor my Visa. I understand that I need to provide certificates of my qualifications for the visa. I have these, however, my name is incorrect. When I was young my mum remarried and she enrolled me at school with my step fathers last name without having changed it legally and as a result all my certificates have that as the name.

I have been informed that I cannot change the names on the certificates, but I can use a notarised document certifying that the certificates belong to me. Could someone please tell me what type of document they would accept prove that they belong to me? Either a notarized sworn declaration (known as an affidavit) or certified document.

Thanks in advance,


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