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Hi there !

Post by theodore@ » Wed, 19 Dec 2018 3:37 pm

This forum has good information regarding jobs in Singapore. Thanks for such a wonderful forum.
I have 8.5 years expertise in automotive HVAC design and development. I currently work here in India for an MNC.
My fiancee is moving to Singapore soon as she is expected to get a S-Pass as Design Engineer - Structural Engineer, in one of Singapore companies.
Now I am hunting jobs in Singapore, so that we can, be together.
I am stuck up with my approach, as how to hunt for a job.

1. Singapore has wide variety of jobs, but automotive R&D or product development companies are very less in my search (Except Continental and few other small companies), Is this true, or do I have to look deeper? Any other companies (list) do you suggest? 8-)
2. I have prepared my detailed resume and applied for HVAC (mostly commercial, not automotive) job openings through JobStreet, JobsDB, Monster etc.
Almost I have applied for 60 relevant job openings (out of which 10 already rejected, remaining 50 No status). I have been doing this for a month or so. How long does usually recruiters recruiter take to close a job position? If the job ad vanishes from the job site, does that mean, the job vacancy is closed (they found a candidate)? :roll:
3. I have quoted around 4500 as expected monthly salary, currently I am drawing around 1 lakh monthly in India. (approx 2000 SGD). Is this way too high for a expected salary? Am I not getting calls because of this expected salary quote? :cry:

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