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Student in Singapore, chances of getting citizenship?

Posted: Wed, 12 Dec 2018 12:42 am
by butterkaya
Hi! I'm not exactly an expat but I figured this will be the best place to discuss this. I recently sent in my citizenship application using the new MyICA portal thingy, and I don't know what else to do so I shall just talk about it with people lol.

I was born and raised in Singapore, so I've always had my PR status. I'm 20 years old, female, and about to finish my Diploma in lasalle. If you can't already tell, I've never had a full-time job and thus I have no income. I applied after reading this under the eligibility section of the ICA website: "Are a PR studying in Singapore; and have been residing in Singapore for more than 3 years (of which, at least one year as a PR); and have passed at least one national exam (i.e. PSLE, GCE ‘N’/‘O’/‘A’ levels), or are in the Integrated Programme (IP)."

I fulfil all the requirements stated, but in the case that I get rejected, do you recommend that I continue studying my degree or go find a job? And when should I reapply?