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Likelihood for EP renewal?

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Likelihood for EP renewal?

Post by spac3invad3r » Tue, 11 Dec 2018 6:50 pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm concerned about leaving my job upon upcoming highly likely prospect of a new job offer in Singapore. I understand my specs are relatively high, but the job switching process is quite daunting given that after I have resigned from my first position, my new EP might be rejected. I'm being given the option to take up the job also in another Asian city, and given that I could go all the way to visa approval there before resigning if I relocate there, it feels a safer route. My rough specs are below. Can anyone give opinion on whether you think I'd be renewed? An expensive lease adds to my concerns.

- Late 20s single EP holder
- Working trading technology, European Bank
- Current monthly salary ~$12,000
- Mathematical university background
- Job offer to come: Asia director of technology at a hedge fund
- Upcoming salary ~$20,000

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