question about apply EP

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question about apply EP

Post by theodore@ » Thu, 22 Nov 2018 4:27 pm

I was roaming around the world of Singapore pages from last 3 days.
The confusing part is - self assessment tool says I'm eligible for S pass and EP. When I try to apply for EP-Online, it asks for SingPass If I try to register for SingPass I need SingPassID - DEADLOCK!!!

What the hell is this? May be I don't understand it properly? How can I apply for Employment Pass for 1 year so that I can come there and look for a jobj?

I'm hoping someone helps me here


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Re: question about apply EP

Post by Barnsley » Thu, 22 Nov 2018 5:31 pm

Thats not how it works.

Need someone to offer you a job, you agree, and then they apply for you a pass.

The employee doesnt apply for the pass.

Just come on a standard tourist visa and give it a go looking for work.
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Re: question about apply EP

Post by subashgk007 » Mon, 26 Nov 2018 7:54 pm

Are you the same guy who posted same question 4 months back via viewtopic.php?t=124545 and deleted at later point ?

1) You can't have multiple accounts in this forum.
2) Are you still roaming around singapore which was started on June ? Image

Okay, let's get in to business. You want to work in singpaore, but you can't apply for visa directly, especially for work visa. Things would work in this way.

1) Try to get some job offers from employers here. Monster, LinkedIn may help.
2) Most likely you won't be considered for a role unless you have some extraordinary skills which cannot be filled by Singaporeans, PRs etc.
3) Once you're through the interview, you will be offered a job. Try to read their terms, check salary other conditions bound to the job offer.
4) Once you confirm the offer acceptance, employer will proceed with your visa application. They'll login using their singpass(Corp ass) to submit application for you.
5) There's no guarantee that your visa will get approved just because you have an offer.
6) Every companies here in Singapore have to maintain local/foreigner hiring ratio.
7) If you're lucky enough, your visa gets approved and come here to work.
8) If not, stay in your home country, continue to work and make visit to other vicinities to release DEADLOCK..!

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