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Staying in Singapore after the semester ends

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Staying in Singapore after the semester ends

Post by fernaldo4 » Tue, 13 Nov 2018 9:52 pm

Hey guys,

this is my first post here. So I'm a male German student and I'm currently doing a semester abroad at NUS. The semester is about to end soon, but I'm still planning on staying longer because my next semester at my home university in Germany only starts in mid-March. I already went to Cambodia and Malaysia even twice since I'm here, but I thought it would make sense to travel a bit more since I'm here in Asia and have so much free time. My last exam will be on the 29th of November (semester officially ends on the 8th of December) and I've read on the ICA's webpage that I have to cancel my student's card at least 7 days after finishing my studies. But on the student's card itself it says that it is gonna expire on the 22nd of December. But I'm not sure how strict they are with this.

So my current plans right now are:

-a trip to Bali from the 9th of Dec until the 15th of Dec where I still want to hold on to my student's card -> afterwards I want to cancel my student's card in Singapore and get the short term visit pass to stay for a while.

-then another trip to Japan from the 7th of January to the 21st of January. So when I leave Singapore my short term visit pass won't be valid anymore, but then I want to enter Singapore as a normal tourist again where I should get a minimum 30 days visa, which is more then enough for me. I already have a flight ticket back to Germany for the 31st of January, which I want to delay to mid-February soon because I bought a ticket with a flexible date of return.

Now I have some questions about my plans:

1) Am I about to face any trouble when I hold on to my student's card to travel to Bali and only cancel it after I come back?
2) Since I'm entering Singapore the first time as a tourist after I come back from Japan and I already have a flight back to Germany, I shouldn't have any problem at the immigration when I arrive at the airport in Singapore, right?

These questions may sound over-cautious to you, but I'm rather cautious now before I'll face any problems later.

I'd be so happy if you have answers to my questions or can give me some advice!

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Re: Staying in Singapore after the semester ends

Post by ahamedmoosa.s » Tue, 13 Nov 2018 10:58 pm

I was a student of NUS and I have also entered Singapore and other Asian countries in a visit pass.
Let me share my view.

Since your course is officially ending on 8th Dec, your university NUS may advise you to cancel the pass even before your pass expires. So it's better to check with your peers or the admin folks of NUS.

I don't think you will face any scrutiny in Singapore's immigration while you come back to Singapore from Japan.

But I fear that japan's immigration will ask you for return ticket to Germany from Japan while you enter Japan and you may have to explain your plan to the officer.

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