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End of relationship - LTVP holder

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End of relationship - LTVP holder

Post by Singgirl » Tue, 09 Oct 2018 7:46 am


I hope this is the right area to post, I really would like some advice.

After 12 years together, 7 in Singapore, my partner has told me he isn’t happy anymore and it’s likely that I will be returning to my home country (UK) soon. He assures me there is no one else but feels we are now more friends than lovers. I gave up my career to follow him out here and apart from some volunteering work, which won’t lead to a job here or anywhere, I haven’t done any paid work since 2011,

I guess I am looking for any advice or stories of people who have been in similar situations. We aren’t married and don’t have kids so I am not entitled to maintenance but I am incredibly concerned about my job prospects after a long break and how I will cope financially alongside mourning the loss of a relationship that I thought would be forever.

I would actually like to continue living overseas so would especially appreciate any leads on volunteer organisations that don’t pay but I could live rent free / cheaply while building some skill sets. The thought of returning home is just not something I thought I would be faced with and I’m not sure I want to live back there. I was happy here.

I haven’t told any of my friends as I know they will be shocked and I am too ashamed of being dumped i guess...

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