Need help for LTVP processing Time

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Re: Need help for LTVP processing Time

Post by alphadvance » Mon, 24 Feb 2020 7:45 pm

Replying as this forum has helped me.
I am a Singapore Citizen, My wife non-citizen SEA-asian. Both of us graduates with full time jobs in our respective countries.

She applied for Frequent Traveller Programme in Aug 18, approved in days and just need to do verification at ICA.
With that she kept a part of the DE card stapled into her passport (this DE card is quite important in applying for the LTVP later)

Somehow ICA assumes after ROM, that my wife would be staying with me all the way in Singapore and the DE card number does not change <Basically ensure u keep the same DE departure card all the way until final approval of the LTVP, thankfully we did the frequent traveller programme and was able to use that DE card for application>.

With ICA's assumption that my wife stays with me (and not having a job or income?!), they ask me silly questions like where is she staying? which i replied her country and they were shocked (not sure why, considering i need the LTVP first for apply a job for her in SG).
They also had some issues tele-ing the passport entry in the final approval as my wife flown in 2 separate weekends just to complete this LTVP (without quit-ing her job and be useless in Singapore).

Our overall journey to LTVP:

Did pre-marriage assessment(PMLA) 1 year before ROM in Sep 18, approved in Nov 18 and it expired by Nov 19 (didn't know there was a 1 year expiry).

ROM in mid Nov 19 and immediately applied LTVP (without PMLA), 3 weeks later requested to come down to verify documents, salary, edu certs, marriage cert etc.
4 weeks later, in-principle approval given where she did her medical assessment overseas.

Flown in the final time, submit the medical forms, copy of my NRIC, showed the DE card.
The LTVP green card issued after 3 hours there, but only valid for 1 year. GAH.

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Re: Need help for LTVP processing Time

Post by sundaymorningstaple » Mon, 24 Feb 2020 9:23 pm

LTVP is only good for one year. Must be renewed annually. Normal term for LTVP is 3 or 6 months.
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