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Chances of getting an SPass or Employment Pass

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Chances of getting an SPass or Employment Pass

Post by SuF1x » Mon, 01 Oct 2018 7:36 pm

Hey everyone!

My boyfriend and I are planning to move to Singapore withing a couple of weeks. He has secured a great job position there and we are very excited about the future.

The only thing that is bugging us is my position in all of this. Because I'm Latvian, I can enter the country visa-free and I believe that I am allowed to stay there for 90 days.

I have been doing some research and it seems quite challenging to find a job in Singapore. I have a Master's Degree in legal text translation but my work experience is mainly in administrative positions (legal secretary, customer support). At the moment I am doing freelance photography and video production/editing in London.
If I were to apply for a similar position such as administrator/secretary, would it need to be under EP basis or SPass basis? Or maybe I could be classified under Work Pass? Our worry is that there are not many roles available on the EP side due to the high minimum wage requirement. For us high salary is not a requirement, the main focus now is to secure a position in Singapore to stay there together.

Would appreciate any and all advice on this. Thank you!

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Re: Chances of getting an SPass or Employment Pass

Post by bgd » Tue, 02 Oct 2018 10:24 am

Unless you can find something in your translation field, which I imagine is highly specialised, you will struggle to find employment here. Spend your 90 days networking, something may come from that.

Your 90 days can be extended by traveling out of Sg, but you will need to do extended trips away, not just day trips to JB. This doesn't work forever.

Marriage would get you a Dependents Pass.

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