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Refused Entry To Singapore, please help!

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Refused Entry To Singapore, please help!

Post by rose000ian » Fri, 28 Sep 2018 12:15 am

Hi, I'm from the Philippines and I first went to Singapore last year December 20. Was given 30 days pass. I spent 5 days there and went to JB (was given 30 days pass) with my boyfriend who is Singaporean but has a business in JB. Then I stayed mostly in JB. January 18 I went back to Singapore for shopping with him and would go back on the same day. I was stopped (I was still not in line but an officer was roaming around near the place where people fill in forms) and brought into an interrogation room with officers, stayed and questioned for more than an hour. Then they let me go with a 7 day pass. They asked for my passport and return ticket which I did have. I went back to Malaysia and was also given another 30 day pass with no problem. Jan 27, I attempted going inside again to watch a KPOP concert in SG; my boyfriend was with me to guide me, this was when I got refused to enter, interrogated again,but never told me why but I assumed they've been thinking I was on a visa run. I know I have done something wrong but taking advantage of the free visa chops. No chops on my passport but they scanned my fingers. And said that "You can't enter Singapore today". Stapled something on my passport like a piece of paper, got escorted out with an officer, sent me back JB. My return ticket supposedly was Singapore-Manila but they told me to do Kuala Lumpur-Manila which I did. Now it has been almost 9 months since it happened, I am wondering if I am banned from entering Singapore again?

Now the main reason why I'm asking is because I will be entering Singapore Changi Airport from Hanoi Airport for a connecting flight to Bali and will stay around 3 hour before I board my flight. I will be flying with AirAsia and it requires me to recheck baggage which means I have to go through Immigration and passport control. Will I have any trouble?
After that, I will be going back to Singapore from Bali to spend 6 days for a trip, I have a hotel booked and return flight ticket back to Manila, Philippines. I would like to kindly ask for enlightenment and clarification what to do as I am confused. I have emailed ICA about it and had asked me for my passport's bio page so they could advise me but I still want to hear from the people here. Thank you very much. I am more than willing to add more information if asked.

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